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Chef German Martitegi

"Food - is the culture of the country and its pride."
Martitegi Herman - Chef Tegui restaurant, which is located in Argentina, in Buenos Aires city. Its originality lies in the open kitchen and a wine cabinet behind glass (restaurant, visitors can see how the sommelier gets wine).
Secret of success
Despite the fact that the German studied international relations, from the very childhood, had a passion for cooking. The long-standing childhood dream and help him become a recognized chef. German honed his skills in France, America and Argentina. He has worked with many well-known chefs, culinary legends, which also helped him to succeed in the profession.
As a boy, Hermann spent a lot of time in the kitchen. He experimented with different dishes and cooking skills learned from their grandmothers. Growing up, Herman began to study international relations in the United States, but the love of the kitchen has never left it, so at the age of 19, he began working as a cook. Returning home, Herman opened his own shop, and then a restaurant that became famous throughout the country.
Kitchen and dish crown
Each dish in the restaurant Tegui - a work of culinary art. The institution serves meat, fish and seafood. The most popular portion of the tasting of several options of meat and fish menu. Signature dish of the chef: smoked hake with mushrooms and crispy crumbs and escabeche of rabbit with the addition of apples.
Awards and achievements
• First place in the ranking of the best restaurants in Latin America according to the British magazine Restaurant.
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: in the ranking of the 100 best restaurants in the world.
Personal philosophy
Herman believes that cooking is best to use local products. You must stop looking to other countries to develop and cooking on their own, the Argentine way. Tourism, according to the chef, is closely connected with food. Travelers can have a picture of the Eiffel Tower, but they will always remember that ate in Paris. "Argentina - a country open to the world. Now we have amazing food and incredible wine, in which people are interested. " All this is a great incentive to continue working.
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