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Chef Gert De Mangeleer

Gert de Mangeleer - chef and owner Institution Hertog Jan, which is in the vicinity of the Belgian city of Bruges.
Secret of success
Chef's secret to success - hard work. Gert himself admits that he would like to work a little less. It has several restaurants and four children, so free time is often lacking. But his family - something that inspires him to new accomplishments and organizing new projects. It supports it and gives the power to create.
Gert learned to cook with her mother. After high school, the future chef cooking studied and worked in several restaurants in the hotels. Then fate brought him to a talented sommelier Joachim Budensom with which they decided to open a restaurant. When the institution has started to work, the founders had no money. Then the guys had hard times: they worked in a room without repair. Upon receipt of the first Michelin star for the restaurant learned throughout the country. When the institution has got the third star, it was decided to move to the farm of the 17th century, where he works to this day Hertog Jan.
Kitchen and dish crown
The chip is the chef - vegetable dishes and root crops. Vegetable farm, which is owned by Gert takes about 3 hectares. On it are grown vegetables, fruits and herbs that are used in cooking. Gert - a big fan of tomatoes, they had about 135 varieties. The menu can be found even a salad of 25 different varieties of this vegetable, and a most unusual sort - Black tomato with apricot peel. Crown dishes from the chef there, he just likes to combine foods, such as tomatoes with avocado, coffee and potatoes.
Awards and achievements
• Three stars of the popular all over the world restaurant rankings Michelin.
• «Best European Chef of the Year" according to the gastronomic fair Madrid Fusion.
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place in the list of best restaurants.
Personal philosophy
Gert loves to run. Running - it's his hobby, in which he can relax and tune in to the upcoming work. Also, the chef loves good food. Before going to bed he always drinks a glass of wine and smoke a cigar. They are inspired by big cities, in which he manages to visit. During these travels, he soaks up the mood of the city and people studying nature and gastronomy, which gives him the ability to create new dishes on their home kitchen.
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