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Chef Hajime Yoneda

"Peace requires originality. Do not be afraid of change "
Hajime - owner and chef of several restaurants, one of which is named in honor of the founder (Hajime). The institution is located in Japan, in Osaka. Cook expertly combines classic French with Japanese heritage, so that has won several prestigious awards.
Secret of success
Since childhood, the future chef was fond of Western culture - his father often went on business to Europe and brought different sweets. In addition, Hajime mother a good cook, and gradually he developed an interest in food. The young boy was fascinated by the world of cooking, which he had seen on television. It was his interest in culture influenced the subsequent decision to travel and open a restaurant.
Hajime - a versatile and interesting personality. His first engineer's career ended when he graduated from culinary school. Hajime became a chef in 1998. For some time the chef has worked in France and Japan, in their free time engaged in painting. His own Hajime restaurant opened in 2008, and after 1 year and 5 months, the institution awarded its first awards (Michelin star).
Kitchen and dish crown
Kitchen Hajime is based on classical French cuisine, authentic Japanese sensibility and love for nature. In his restaurant menu you can find more than 110 different vegetables, grains and herbs. Signature dish of the chef - fried scallops, foie gras with mango and daikon (Japanese radish) with hazelnuts. These are the dishes that make the chief one of the best in Japan. What else defines as the best chef in the business? Follow the link to find out.
Awards and achievements
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place in the list of best restaurants.
• 2 star Michelin rated restaurant prestigious.
• Place in the ranking of the best Asian restaurants according to brand San Pellegrino.
Personal philosophy
Chef believes that all surrounding human things are interconnected, and he gets inspiration from this context. Hajime is known for its attention to detail, innovation and constant culinary research. In its work it adheres to the principles of respect for nature and the earth. Hajime also believes that life is fleeting, but it is filled with meaning. And all that is necessary to man - to find their own businesses throughout life and to strive for excellence.
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