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Chef Jose Avillez

"Portuguese cuisine is based on the story"
Jose Avillez- chef Belcanto restaurant, which is located in Portugal, in Lisbon. Hose- first Portuguese boss, who won the prestigious two-star Michelin rated restaurant.
Secret of success
Throughout his life the chef stood enterprising spirit and leadership qualities. Because of his desire to succeed, he easily won the world's recognition of the cooking. Currently Jose is a chef, known to the whole world. Look for the same boss to his team? Read useful information on how to find a good chef, but do not make mistakes and keep a professional.
Jose always wanted to become a chef. He received special education, worked as an intern in the kitchen, has traveled the world, gaining professional experience and dealing with well-known personalities in the world of cooking. For a long time he worked as a chef himself, until he decided to start a business and open his own restaurant. Currently, Jose owns several prestigious restaurants and is the author of successful cookbooks.
Kitchen and dish crown
Jose is very difficult to single out any particular dish: everything that is on the menu is done with the soul. The chef prepares delicious seafood and nuts, as well as young carrots and turnips in buffalo milk. At the restaurant you can taste the pig that is cooked over low heat and boiled before frying potatoes, for dessert - chocolate truffles with cookies and sorbet with the addition of tangerine juice.
Awards and achievements
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place in the list of the best restaurants in the world.
• Two Star Michelin gastronomic guide.
• Best Chef version restaurant guide Boa Cama Boa Mesa and publications WINE - A Essênciado Vinho.
Personal philosophy
Inspiration Jose finds in traditional Portuguese cuisine. He believes that all modern cooking is based on history, and this is difficult to argue. Portugal - a small country with many regions, each of which makes its own contribution to the development of cooking. Jose is inspired by his native land, its landscapes and people he meets in the course of his life. Chef believes that every individual must maintain the gastronomic traditions of the country.
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