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Chef Christopher Kostoev

Christopher Kostoev - American chef The Restaurantat Meadowood, which is located in the United States. Christopher has found fame thanks to the menu to adapt to the tastes of visitors within the general trends in contemporary American cuisine.
Secret of success
Christopher - the second chief of the United States and the third is the youngest chef ever to receive three Michelin stars well-known rankings. What is his secret of success? In this paper, Christopher based on his origin: his culinary style somehow affected the environment in which grew chef. Memories help him find the inspiration you need to create a new original culinary concepts. Any dish that is preparing Christopher, he puts a part of himself.
Christopher always had a special passion for food. Most of his youth, he spent cooking for friends. He did not consider seriously the idea to start a career chef. Christopher even graduated from college with a degree in filosofii.Tolko then he realized that cooking - it is his calling. Chef practiced in restaurants around the world, after his return to America for a long time worked as sous-chef (second hand chef) in San Francisco. Since 2008, Christopher is the chef places The Restaurantat Meadowood.
Kitchen and dish crown
The restaurant's menu includes a huge selection of vegetable dishes as well as seafood and shellfish from the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Visitors can always try red meat and favorite chef cheese. With great zeal restaurant team is working on new dishes from time to time appear in the menu. Why are only the most delicious eggs benedict, prepared by the chef.
Awards and achievements
• «The best chef of the West" Foundation Prize James Beard.
• Three stars of the prestigious and well-known gastronomic Michelin rating.
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: in the ranking of the 100 best restaurants in the world.
Personal philosophy
The main principles in the work of Christopher - exquisite culinary aesthetics, unique combination of aromas and flavors, as well as technical kitchen perfection. Chef actively cooperates with local suppliers and farmers, as they prefer to work with ingredients grown in their native lands. Christopher also said that from time to time you need to take a break from work to accumulate ideas and new enthusiasm to take on a favorite thing.
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