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Chef Manish Mehrotra

"The perfect combination of color, texture and taste - this is the real Indian food"
Manish Mehrotra - Chef restaurant Indian Accent, which is located in India. The establishment offers visitors a taste of Indian cuisine with an international twist.
Secret of success
Because of his father's vegetarian preferences, as a child Manish was limited in the diet. His mother even had to use different utensils for cooking. Fortunately, a lot of time coming chef spent with relatives in New Delhi, where he was free in his culinary preferences. There he developed his unique taste and first began to think about the culinary career. It is that time and Manish helped decide on their own lives and played a huge role in his professional development.
The university Manish was studying hotel management. He began his career, interning at numerous hotels in restaurants, where he learned all the basics of cooking. Manish traveled to India, worked with many famous chefs and even developed a menu for some of them. Currently Manish works as a chef in a restaurant Indian Accent, which gathers within its walls lovers of fine Indian cuisine.
Kitchen and dish crown
In the restaurant, there are several types of menus: vegetarian and non-vegetarian. You can also order a special tasting option if you want to taste the best dishes of the chef. In an institution, you can order the following dishes Manisha crown: made in moradabadski (a dish of lentils), blue cheese, roasted cashew nuts with curry, as well as pancakes with goat cheese.
Awards and achievements
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place in the list of best restaurants.
• Best restaurant poversii San Pellegrino Asia's 50 Best Restaurants.
• Best Chef in India by American Express version.
• Best Indian restaurant on the version of New York City Guide 2017.
Personal philosophy
His style of cooking food chef describes as inventive. Manish has departed from the principles of classical Indian cuisine: in their dishes he makes extensive use of foreign products, but he respects tradition. None of the ingredients does not get into the kitchen, while not pass a rigorous test. Manish says: quality products - one of the things that makes the best chef.
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