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Chef Martin Berasategui

Martin Berasategui - award-winning chef, who opened the public kitchen of the Basque Country, an autonomous community in northern Spain. The owner of the eponymous restaurant Martín Berasategui.
Secret of success
Martin - a real fan of gastronomic art. He loves to cook and does it always and everywhere: at work, on vacation or at home. Martin joked: most likely, he will die with a frying pan in her hand. The legendary chef was successful in his career through dedication. He does what he likes, and this is important in any endeavor.
Carier start
From early childhood, Martin knew he wanted to become a chef. Therefore, Martin's career began as a teenager. He worked with his mother, who ran his own restaurant. At 15 he could cook any traditional Basque dish. At age 17, a young and ambitious man went to study in France at the confectioner. In the 20 years in his family problems began. Then he began to lead the parent restaurant, parallel studying in France, and in 25 years, won the first Michelin star.
Signature dish of the chef
While working with his mother, Martin realized that there is nothing more useful and delicious homemade recipes that are time-tested. For his dishes, he uses only fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Chef chooses suppliers on their own: that his parents taught. Bailiwick dish chef - fried garlic, beet ceviche, sorbet of radish and horseradish sauce. Also in the restaurant you can taste the red mullet with soy sprouts, wheat porridge, and squid.
Awards and achievements
Restaurant Martín Berasategui has received 3 stars Michelin rated restaurant unique. For all the restaurants, Martin received 8 stars - more than the rest of the Spanish chefs. He was also noted the prestigious institution rated World's 50 Best Restaurants: Restaurant Martin - one of the 100 best list.
Personal philosophy
Martin said that through training he learned pastry case required accuracy for the best results in cooking. The main thing - discipline in work, care, creativity and the right food choices. Without this, the chef will not help neither the technology nor the talent. Marin is also confident that it would succeed, you must have a passion for their work, as well as the continued desire to work and develop.
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