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Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura

"You have to believe in the philosophy of the kitchen,
Do not look at others, not imitate.
Travel helps to learn new things,
Not betraying his philosophy "
Mitsuharu Tsumura
The talented Japanese found their culinary happiness in Peru. Its restaurant «MAIDO» - a place of worship, representing the kitchen Nikkei (Nikkei).
Japan and Peruvian chef Michael
The restaurant «MAIDO» served not only the best sushi in Peru, but also traditional local snacks. A Mitsuharu Tsumura restaurant owner just called ... Misha!
Name of institution in translation means "Welcome". And, the truth, all the staff are friendly and polite, helping guests with their detailed stories about the dishes and their composition. But the main feature of the restaurant - it is, of course, cuisine. Nikkei - is a special combination of unique ingredients of traditional Peruvian dishes and true Japanese cooking techniques. But that's not all, Misha Mitsuharu every day coming up with new combinations and flavors.
Sharpening knives and honing skills
Grandmother Mitsuharu Tsumura perfectly cooked, though her grandson did not know, but the culinary talents inherited. Father of the future boss advised him to study professional. Obedient as all Japanese children Mitsuharu joined Johnson & Wales University (Providence, Rhode Island), where he polished his culinary skills.
Tsumura wanted to open a restaurant kitchen Nikko, still living in Lima. But strict father did not support his dream and strongly recommend his son to go to learn to prepare sushi in Japan. But in the country of cherry blossoms diplomas Mitsuharu played no role, and had to re-learn. He worked nights in the famous Japanese restaurant, but not acted in the role of chefs, and washed the dishes and watched as the other chefs work. After 4 months he was allowed to pick up a knife ... to he his well honed. The next step was learning the art of sharpening knives for fish. Much later, he was allowed to work as an assistant cook, he learned to cook rice, pickled vegetables, working with seafood. Please make food only for colleagues, but soon he was entrusted to prepare hot food and sushi.
After hard training in Japan Mitsuharu Tsumura returned to Peru, where he received an invitation to become part of the «Sheraton» restaurant team. 25 year old chef had to prove their capabilities and skills, answering for that tasty to feed 160 people. There Tsumura very closely acquainted with Peruvian cuisine and showed his talent. His father finally appreciate the skill of his son, helped him open his restaurant - a concept «MAIDO».
Simple "tiger's milk"
«MAIDO» is located in the trendy area of ​​the city. Anyone who loves sushi exactly like it here. Anyone who loves Peruvian cuisine too. Excellent sushi, delicious Peruvian snacks, gourmet signature dishes Mitsuharu Tsumura surprise and delight.
If the shrimp ceviche river you will find a common dish, the "Wagyu ribs with potato cream", 50 hours preparing for its taste will amaze you absolutely. A ceviche of Abalone with a yellow powder "tiger's milk" is surprising not only the name but also the appearance.
Philosophy Tsumura cuisine
Mitsuharu Tsumura said that the award is not an end in itself, it is only the result of the daily work and for awards and regalia, he will not break the philosophy of the kitchen for him. Chef «MAIDO» believes that you can not be distracted by extraneous things, when you do your culinary masterpieces. We should always be enthusiastic with their work, remember the smallest details and keep track of the little things. Discipline and continuous monitoring - is also part of the philosophy Tsumura cuisine. The way foods are grown, who brought them and who bought what happened to them in the kitchen, who and how to prepare the dish depends on the final taste of each dish.
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