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Chef Niko Romito

"The clear, sincere and simple kitchen, accessible to all"
Niko Romito - co-owner and chef Reale restaurant, which is located in Italy, Castel di Sangro. Restaurant located in a former ancient monastery of the 17th century.
Secret of success
At the beginning of her career chef lacked experience - he wanted to do a completely different thing. Then he began to study cooking by yourself, working with famous chefs of the country. Learning Culinary Arts, Nico realized that in order to successfully operated a restaurant, it is necessary to respect the products. Respect for the preparation of and work with professionals helped Nico to succeed in the culinary field.
The first memories of the chef about food related to his grandfather: his favorite dish is prepared grandfather. Nico's father owned a small pastry shop, which was later transformed into a restaurant. Nico dreamed of working in finance and studied economics at a university in Rome. Soon after his father fell ill and died, while Nico came home and started to control the small restaurant with her sister Christine. Now the brother and sister own family restaurant Reale, which is known throughout the country.
Kitchen and dish crown
At the beginning of the opening of the restaurant Nico use cheap ingredients. As he jokes the chef, the usual onions became his foie gras. Using its unique technology, Nico create delicious dishes from the usual products: milk, cheese and by-products. Now the chef just walked away from their initial concept: the kitchen chef uses organic ingredients grown on the farm of his beloved country. One of his signature dish - onion vegetable soup with parmesan cheese and savoy cabbage with potatoes.
Awards and achievements
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place in the list of best restaurants.
• Three stars of the popular gastronomic guide Michelin.
• Place in the ranking of the most influential restaurants in the world by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna.
Personal philosophy
Nico tries to regain the status of genuine Italian cuisine, clean, with amazing natural ingredients. His inspired Italy and specifically the place, on which stands the restaurant - the chef believes that its energy has a positive effect both on the staff and in the institution of visitors. What are the main qualities appreciated shev cook? Nico admires chefs, who do their work professionally and passionately.
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