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Chef Peter Gilmour

Peter Gilmour - one of the most famous chefs of Australia, the owner of the restaurant Quay. The establishment is located in the tower opposite the legendary Australian attractions: the Opera and the Sydney Bridge.
Secret of success
Peter's career became successful due to his patience and calm. Most of the time, he spends on research and development of new dishes. Peter is attentive to detail, able to control the quality of products, has the ability to train staff, as well as management skills and makings of the leader. These are the qualities that should guide you when hiring a chef at your institution.
Peter was born and raised in Sydney. He started his culinary career at the age of 16, and spent 12 years studying and working in the kitchens of his native country and abroad. He developed his own unique style, which fell in love with all of Australia. Currently, Peter is the most famous chef of his country. He owns two restaurants, and is also the author of several culinary publications.
Kitchen and Crockery
The chef is always open for new ideas and technologies. In the kitchen, Peter uses elements of Chinese cuisine, combining them with French cooking techniques. In his private garden, he grows rare crops, which are then cultivated by specialists on a large scale. Crown dishes of the talented culinary specialist: "Snow Egg" (meringue, ice cream and praline), almond cake with nougat, biscuit and lemon curd, caramel cream with prunes, nuts, chocolate and vanilla.
Achievements and awards
• One of the best restaurants in the world according to the ratings of The World's 50 Best Restaurant and S.Pellegrino.
• The best restaurant in Australia according to the Australian tourist guide.
• Award to the best chef from the popular Australian newspaper Sydney Morning Herald.
Personal Philosophy
The chef believes: in order to maintain a high level, you must carefully choose the ingredients and monitor the quality of service. But the most important thing in the work of the chief is innovation. We need to invent technology and invent new dishes, so that customers and culinary critics are always happy. Peter is inspired by the diversity of nature and likes to grow his own ingredients. With his dishes he tries to achieve a sense of purity, balance and an unforgettable experience with visitors.
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