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Chef Rafael Dantoi

Rafael Dantoi is a Nigerian-born chef, chief chef of one of the best restaurants of La Petite Maison, which is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. La Petite Maison can be found all over the world: in London, Istanbul and Miami.
Secret of success
Raphael does not fixate on his profession. He himself jokingly calls himself "an occasional cook" and believes that one day he can wake up with a desire to become someone else. In his restaurant he does not bother with food, because he believes that the best and delicious dishes should be simple. The paradox, but it's really true: according to the boss, it was the easy approach that led him to culinary success.
When Rafael studied at an English boarding school, he worked as a dishwasher. One day the boss asked him if he would like to become a cook. Then the young Raphael answered: in no event! But fate decreed otherwise. After training for an engineer, Rafael realized what he really wanted to do. He went on a journey to explore the culinary concepts of the whole world. During this period Rafael worked with the best chefs who taught him many useful things.
Kitchen and Crockery
The restaurant is guided by fresh and quality products: freezers are almost never used in the institution. The kitchen also uses products from organic farms that are nearby. In the near future, the chef plans to completely switch to organic food. Dishes that can be enjoyed in the restaurant: foie gras with green beans, a leg of black chicken, and an artichoke salad.
Achievements and awards
• One of the best restaurants in the world according to the rating of The World's 50 Best Restaurant.
• The best restaurant in Dubai according to What's On Awards.
• Award for the best restaurant from the Time Out Dubai Restaurant Awards.
Personal Philosophy
Rafael talks about his kitchen: it is warm, fresh, homely. Its principle is simplicity at its best. The chef does not understand how you can spend a huge amount of time creating new dishes. He starts to think about the dish, puts all the ingredients in his head, and then embodies the fantasy into reality, and this whole process does not take much time. Raphael is active in charity. He even became a trustee of a charitable organization that transfers money for schools in rural areas of Nigeria
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