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Chef Rainer Becker

"In a lot of Japanese food flavors"
Rainer Becker - owner and chef of an upscale contemporary Japanese restaurant Zuma, who is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Secret of success
Why a career of the famous German chef Rainer went up the hill? It's all in his attitude to visitors and doing business in general. Rainer rose to stardom because of their unique professional skills. What should be a real chef? Love for his work, stress - one of the most important qualities. Learn more link:
Rainer began his career in his native Germany in the network Hyatt hotels. Thanks to the company's talented chef has traveled the world and worked in Sydney and Tokyo. While in London, Rainer met with an outstanding businessman Arjun Wayne. This encounter changed his career: it was then that he realized that he wanted to start their own business. Currently owned by Rainer institution Zuma, who is in Dubai. Also, the chef manages other chain restaurants.
Kitchen and dish crown
In the kitchen, Reiner uses only fresh ingredients, giving preference to local suppliers. Some products for particularly rare dishes are delivered from other countries. Chef said: Japanese food - it is such a food, which you can share in the company. The menu includes: crispy squid with green pepper and lime, pieces of herring with pickled peppers and garlic, tempura lobster with spicy ponzu soy sauce, as well as many sushi and sashimi.
Awards and achievements
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place in the list of the best restaurants in the world.
• The best restaurant on the Tatler Restaurant Awards premium version.
• Best Chef by Harpersand Moet premium version.
Personal philosophy
Rainer does not give the time of the report and years, as it gives him a strange feeling. He does not feel age: 50 in his chef and all involved in sports and work, doing what he likes. When Rainer develops the menu and is working on the creation of new dishes, he presents himself in the place of guests. This helps him do his job better and better. Rainer does not like to be engaged in what he did not have the heart lies - he works as a chef is not for the money, but because of the pleasure.
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