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The chef Hedone - Michael Jonsson

"We are preparing a good meal and do so with great passion"
Michael Jonsson - chef of London restaurant Hedone, places with a special atmosphere, which is characterized by using high quality ingredients and advanced techniques in cooking.
Secret of success
At an early age, Michael was diagnosed with a food allergy to shellfish and raw meat - in contact with these products began asthma and eczema. In order to avoid the consequences, he had to take cortisone injections. Unfortunately, his illness meant only one thing: giving up a career in cooking, which he dreamed of from the action. But Michael did not draw hands: he followed his dream and did not give up, which allowed him to become a famous chef.
Carier start
Michael Jonsson was born in 1966. From childhood he was interested in cooking. It was his hobby: he prepared together with his mother and grandmother. Unfortunately, allergy forced him to learn from the lawyer. While working as a lawyer, he started a cooking blog, which talked about restaurants and leave them feedback - the dream of a career chef even for a second did not leave Michael. At the age of 44 years he changed the diet and gained control over their health. Children's dream came true: in 2011 he opened his own restaurant.
Signature dish of the chef
Michael chooses only the best ingredients for the restaurant. Kitchen Hedone famous attention to all the details and features of each individual product. Bailiwick dish chef - gazpacho sorbet with fennel seeds. From the dessert - raspberry ganache with chocolate, passion fruit and vanilla ice cream.
Awards and achievements
• The star rating in the Michelin restaurant unique.
• One of the 100 best restaurants in the ranking of World's 50 Best Restaurants.
• National Restaurant Award Award Recipient.
Personal philosophy
Michael believes that food should be treated with all the passion and maximum efficiency, only then it will turn out good. The chef is not afraid of change and is doing everything possible to improve the quality of culinary services provided to them. Also chef recommends: to strive to fulfill their desires, because otherwise you will never be happy. If he did not follow a dream, he may still have worked as a lawyer. But now, doing what he likes, he is enjoying every minute. Love for his work - this is important, according to the well-known chef.
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