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The chef Mani - Elena Rizzo

"My latest invention - a purple octopus with mashed potatoes"
We are accustomed to the popular belief that the best cooks - are men. The lists of famous and well-known to the whole world their chefs do more. But this does not mean that there are no outstanding cooks women. Today we will speak about the wonderful Helen Rizzo, who was awarded the title of best female chef according to the authoritative magazine The Restaurant Magazine.
One of the best restaurants in the world
Beauty Rizzo Elena and her beloved husband, Daniel Redondo - owners Mani restaurant, located in São Paulo, Brazil. This establishment is included in the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world. Simple furniture, white walls, a stylish roof of dry branches and contemporary Brazilian cuisine - these are the main features of the restaurant. Elena Rizzo studied with the greats, including a Joan Roca, whose institution is recognized as the best restaurant in the world.
The restaurant's specialties: baked cassava, coconut milk, olive oil and truffles. Here you can also taste the soup of unusual plants jabuticaba diluted cauliflower, beans and noodles from the palm trees, generously seasoned with parmesan and truffle oil from.
It all began in childhood
Once Helen was visiting his grandfather, who spent every weekend. It is perceived as a place of refuge from the rest of the world, acquainted with the kingdom of nature and all the smells perceived particularly badly - and frightening and incredibly pleasant. There lived a lot of animals: fish, dogs, parrots and other birds. These odors succeeded each other instantly and without warning. It was there that Elena tried to cook for the first time.
Family business
Elena Rizzo does not feel any difference between working women and men. In the kitchen, they work together with her husband, and constantly changing work. They replace each other, watching the staff and service, work together to solve problems. In general, they - one team. This allows them to work on projects and create new and exciting dishes.
The most favorite ingredients Helena Rizzo - flour made from arrowroot rhizomes of plants, tayoby leaves (like cabbage in appearance), juice, cassava, okra pods of herbaceous plants. This is something with which a woman works almost every day and actively use the menu. These ingredients have unique characteristics, and therefore inspired her to invent new dishes.
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