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Chef restaurant Mikla - Mehmet Gurs (Mehmet Gürs)

"If you have a high-class restaurant, then you need the best ingredients"
Mehmet Gurs - the owner of the restaurant Mikla in Turkey and one of the country's best chefs. His institution was recognized as the best institution in Istanbul, and the chef repeatedly won prestigious culinary awards.
Secret of success
Mehmet for 6 years traveled around the country to find their own vocation, to revive the old tastes and choose the best ingredients to update the usual dishes. He collected information about the products and culinary techniques, which are then tested in practice. Mehmet has tried more than 900 types of cheese, drank about 10 thousand cups of tea, visited 400 villages and drove about 110 thousand kilometers. Wanderlust and the pursuit of self-knowledge - these are the main reasons for the success of the well-known chef.
Carier start
Mehmet was born December 13, 1969 in Finland, grew up in Istanbul. For a long time young and purposeful Mehmet studied and worked as a chef in America. Having obtained the necessary experience, he returned to Turkey and opened his first restaurant. Currently Mehmet owns several restaurants, cafes and its own research laboratory.
Signature dish of the chef
A distinctive feature of the restaurant of the famous chef - a mixture of Turkish and Scandinavian cuisine. But Mehmet's emphasis on local products. The restaurant menu you can find dishes of octopus: it is fried, dried, boiled and knocked. Soup mulberry, cream of sesame paste - Crown dish chef. In the kitchen, chef does not use cheese, eggs and other foreign foods. He prefers anchovy, lamb, unique varieties of lentils and many other national products.
Awards and achievements
• The place of honor in a ranking of the 100 best restaurants miraTheWorld's 50 BestRestaurants.
• The title of best restaurant and best chef according to the Istanbul magazine TimeOut.
A follower of Turkish culture
Mehmet homeland characterized by mixing different traditions and cultures. It is non-negotiable focus on ethnic, religious or national differences between the restaurant visitors. Chef says, his kitchen has no borders, and is interpreted differently by different people. Unfortunately, for some knowledge of Turkish cuisine is limited to two or three dishes. Therefore Mehmet wants to show people that Turkey - a country wide culinary possibilities.
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