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The chef Nerua - Hosean Aliha

"Pleasure, enjoyment, culture, emotions - that's what gastronomy for me"
Famous restaurant, which is on the territory of the museum in Bilbao, manages the young chef Hosean Aliha. Its cuisine is known not only in Spain but worldwide.
Secret of success
As a teenager, Hosean realized that he wanted to be a chef. This profession fascinated and attracted him. The boy graduated from high school, and his parents gave him a choice. When he told them that he wanted to make a career in cooking, they did not believe, and speechless. Parents warned his son that if he wants to succeed, he will have to work hard. Hosean never afraid and always went to the goal, fighting for their beliefs. Fidelity childhood dream, parenting support, commitment - all this helped him become a successful chef.
Carier start
In 14 years Hosean began teaching at the school of hotel and restaurant management in Leioa, where he was the youngest student. Three years later, at age 17, he began his professional career. He has worked with many famous chefs who have learned to master, but along the way developed his own individual style. In 2011, he received what had always dreamed of: a unique culinary space Nerua.
Signature dish of the chef
In Hosean menu uses only the usual and understandable to all products. He skillfully combines them, opening new and new flavors. Bailiwick dish chef - cod with white onions under the green pepper sauce. The restaurant menu you can find oysters with asparagus, stew with melted almond milk and butter cauliflower olives. It is also possible to try the spaghetti out of a turnip with parmesan or shrimp with peach.
Awards and achievements
• Michelin Star.
• The title of the best chefs on the culinary version of the exhibition IdentitaGolose.
• Place in the rating of the 100 best restaurants in the world under the version of TheWorld's 50 BestRestaurants.
• Hosean repeatedly collaborated with magazines, radio, appeared on television, and even wrote a book.
Personal philosophy
Together with a young and motivated team of chefs create a unique dining concept from conventional products. The main thing for Aliha - originality and innovation in everything. Hosean says: perseverance, a new search, the desire to create good meals, the ability to ask himself questions and answer them, motivation and the ability to gather the correct command - that's what makes a person a real chef.
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