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Chef Thomas Keller's Per Se

Thomas Keller - a world-renowned chef from the United States, the owner of several restaurants, a writer. The first was awarded best chef in 1997, after which reached a series of various prestigious prizes and awards. His recipes are difficult to reproduce, and the dishes made them always turn out the best.
Way to success
Thomas began to develop a career as a teenager. He worked in an institution, where his mother ran. Thomas studied all over yourself, over and over again practicing various techniques of cooking. He even went to France to try themselves and gain additional experience. There he tried to tempt fate, working in different restaurants. Returning home, he opened his first restaurant, and then - another. Today, Thomas 8 restaurants and 2 bakeries in the United States.
Heritage Keller
Thomas Keller - one of the consultants of the famous cartoon "Ratatouille." One of the creators of the film has been admitted to the kitchen of one of Thomas restaurants to check out in practice and understand how these institutions work. Then he chose the ratatouille Keller as a main dish cartoon. Sam Cook appeared in a cameo in the movie as a restaurant visitor. Also, the chef has written several cookbooks:
• «The French Laundry Cookbook». The book with the recipes of dishes that are served at the world-famous restaurant.
• «Bouchon». Book French recipes from the network bistro chef. Simple, but perfect dishes.
• «Bouchon Bakery». Recipes Network American bakeries Keller. French and American cuisine.
• «Ad Hoc at Home». World Recipes for cooking at home. Disclosure of the unique technology of cooking food.
• «Under Pressure: Cooking Sous Vide». The book is about the technology of cooking in the package, a sealed vacuum.
Nuances cuisine
It was Thomas Keller's first combined sophisticated style places with reasonable prices. The chef is famous for its careful attention to detail, and it shows both in recipes and in the interior of its institutions. All of its restaurants have their own peculiarities, and none of them are alike. Its institutions in the preparation, a method of low-temperature vacuum treatment courses. This allows you to enjoy the exquisite and delicious food, which is not helpful and lost nutrients during cooking
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