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Chef Roman Meder

"Every restaurant - a story of people"
Roman Meder - sous-chef (assistant senior cook) in the restaurant world-famous chef Alain Ducasse.
Secret of success
Roman was always interested in the culture of the peoples of the world. He loves to travel and has been searching for new flavors that are perfect to the menu. The novel is not afraid to experiment, using a variety of technologies that are not commonly used in Frantsii.Sekret successful career chef - an extraordinary talent, desire for the unknown great- est love of cooking.
Carier start
Roman was born on October 31, 1987. He discovered his ability to cook meals while cooking with his grandfather in a nursing home. After studying culinary arts Roman worked in several restaurants, including as deputy chief. With Alan Ducasse chef started to cooperate in 2006. Roman managed several restaurants in different parts of the world, explored the World Culinary. Returning to Paris in 2014, he became executive chef of the restaurant Alain Ducasse having a three-star rating in the famous Michelin.
chef Kitchen
The main rule, which is guided by the chef - estestvennost.Blyuda prepared Roman, include seasonal vegetables, cereals, spices and seafood. Particular attention is sous-chef places the origin of ingredients: it guarantees the quality of any product that is used in the restaurant's kitchen.
Asparagus with truffle sauce, prawns with ginger, scallops grilled with roasted cauliflower, rye pancakes with caviar and sour cream sauce - it is these dishes in its restaurant treats chef. Often he is preparing a surprise to its visitors. At the last moment the boss decides that it will be - it combines different dishes in the hope of surprise guests.
Awards and achievements
• The restaurant, which employs novel, has three Michelin stars, the popular gastronomic rating. It signals the excellent work of the chef.
• Place in the ranking of 100 best restaurants in The World's 50 Best Restaurants.
Personal philosophy
Roman believes that every dish is cooked reputation of the institution. For a delicious and hearty meal is to thank not only the person who prepared the dish, but also people who grow vegetables, delivered to a restaurant or ingredients brought oysters from England. After all, every restaurant - a story about people, and it is from them depends on the success of any enterprise.
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