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Chef Sergio Herman (Sergio Herman): the experimenter and a rebel

"Good food - it is a religion"
Sergio Herman - Chef Restaurant The Jane, a unique institution which is located in a picturesque area of ​​Antwerp in Belgium. The architects managed to turn an abandoned chapel of a military hospital in the restaurant, and Sergio made this place a real legend.
Secret of success
Sergio learned from the best: his father and grandfather, which was a huge push in the culinary career of the boy. He worked hard and long to reach the top culinary arts. Despite the success of the restaurant's parents in which he worked, Sergio wanted to change the menu and the concept of institution. His early years attracted to experiment, and because of that he became what he is today.
Carier start
Sergio was born in the Netherlands, May 5, 1970. He studied at a culinary school in Belgium, and now also lives there. His first restaurant was formerly little shop, owned by chef grandfather. Later his parents remade shop in restaurant. Growing up, Sergio bought the restaurant from their parents. Thus began a culinary career regular guy from the Netherlands, which was destined to become a great chef. He currently owns several successful restaurants.
Unusual dishes Chef
Sergio - a true rebel. Ignoring the tradition, he creates true masterpieces, guided only by their taste and intuition, which never fails chef. Diners come back to it again and again, and the table must be ordered several months before the event. Signature dish of the chef - sherbet lobster, wrapped in slices of mango with the addition of hot sauce with wasabi and sake of lemon peel.
Awards and achievements
• Chef received three stars of the famous Michelin rated restaurant, which means qualified chef and excellent restaurants.
But that is not all. The list of achievements - a high assessment institution (17/20) in the culinary guide Gault Millau.
• At this point Sergio has written 14 cookbooks.
The philosophy of the chef
Sergio believes that good food - it's a religion. That is why it can be called a restaurant gourmet temple. He likes culinary experiments, and this is famous among lovers of unusual food. Exclusivity is felt even in the dishes of the restaurant: especially for his establishment, he ordered a collection of white porcelain tableware. Delicious food, unusual interior - all this attracts pilgrims from around the world in a unique gastronomic temple.
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