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Chef Sergey Eroshenko

Sergey Eroshenko - the owner of the restaurant of modern Russian cuisine called "Honest cuisine", which is located in Moscow.
Secret of success
Sergei has learned to cook and developed his own unique style, despite the limitations of the Soviet system. Everything practically stood still: there were no new products and technologies, in times of shortage, food was made from what was available. But Sergei went ahead, acquired skills that later allowed him to manage the restaurant and the team of cooks. Of course, the main thing that helped Sergei achieve success in his career is the culinary talent and qualities of the best chef.
When Sergei was small, he still could not decide what he wanted to become. The chef graduated from the culinary school in Moscow. After graduation, the university worked in canteens, where he received basic knowledge of the profession. After that he worked as a cook on the ship, and later as an assistant chef at the Radisson Slavyanskaya hotel. After a long journey, he came to open his own institution.
Kitchen and Crockery
Honest cuisine is home-made food from honest products at an honest price. In his restaurant, the chef personally selects the ingredients. During opening hours, he is in the kitchen and guarantees the quality of each cooked meal. His favorite product is game, and his favorite tool is a stove. In Sergey's restaurant you can try: salad with cheese, stewed beetroot, avocado, persimmon and lime juice, tar-tar from reindeer with quail egg, and also beef ossobuko in tomato sauce with the addition of red wine.
Achievements and awards
• One of the best restaurants in the world according to the version of the popular gastronomic rating The World's 50 Best Restaurant.
Personal Philosophy
Sergei believes that cooking is a living process. First of all, ideology is important in the kitchen. High cooking works like this: you must create a dish for visitors to come. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the menu, but also to the appearance of the institution, design, service. Sergey says: the boss, who respects himself, will not save on quality. The chef always has a lot of difficulties. It happens that there is not enough time, ingredients and an employee. This is the work of Sergei - to solve these problems.
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