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Chef Shinobu Namai

"We want to make people happy"
Shinobu Namai is the owner of the restaurant L`Effervescence, which is located in Japan, in the city of Tokyo. The chef is famous for his unique approach to cooking. He combines French and Japanese cuisine, catering to ordinary visitors and gourmets.
Secret of success
Shinobu skillfully plays with the tastes of the usual dishes, creating unique masterpieces of culinary art. His creations go beyond the concept of high cuisine, for which he was recognized throughout the world. Shinobu studied with famous chefs, traveled around Japan and France, studied various cooking techniques, which also influenced the success of his career as a chef.
Shinobu did not attend culinary school, he taught himself everything. He studied political science, working as an assistant chef during his studies. After graduation, he decided to pursue a career in cooking. Shinobu worked with many famous chefs, including as a su-chef. In 2010, Shinobu returned to Japan and opened his own institution, which eventually gained popularity and was awarded two stars of the prestigious Michelin gastronomic rating.
Kitchen and Crockery
Shinobu is attentive to detail: the chef thinks that if you focus on big things, you can inadvertently skip the rest. This is one of the qualities of a good chef. The menu of the restaurant L`Effervescence includes 11 tasting dishes. The kitchen uses seasonal ingredients, but for exotic dishes, foreign products can be used. Crown dishes of the chef: whole boiled turnips with parsley oil, as well as ham with brioche brioche.
Achievements and awards
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place on the list of the best restaurants in the world.
• 2 stars of the prestigious Michelin restaurant rating.
• A place in the list of 50 best restaurants in Asia (Asia's 50 Best Restaurants List) according to The Diners Club Academy.
Personal Philosophy
In his institution, Shinobu is guided by the principles of hospitality. The chef works to make people happy. He wants every guest to feel special. According to Shinobu, the energy of each person is limited, so it makes no sense to waste precious time on the negative. For the chef, everything matters: he is inspired by nature, native Japan and communication with visitors to the restaurant.
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