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Chef of Shuso Kishida

Shuzo Kishida is the chef of the Quintessence restaurant, which is located in Japan, in the city of Tokyo. The establishment of Shuzo by right is highly valued not only by visitors, but also by culinary critics and prestigious restaurant ratings.
Secret of success
Shuzo is a man with ambitions. They helped him to break into the world of high cuisine and make a successful culinary career. In addition, the chef trained with the best professionals of his craft, including the legendary cook Pascal Barbot, who had a great influence on the career of Shuzo. Now the student has almost surpassed his teacher: it's easier to get into the restaurant for Pascal than to reserve a table in Quintessence.
Shuzo was born in 1974, began his career at the age of 19. He was hired in a French restaurant in Japan. It was then that Shuzo fell in love with French cuisine. The future chef worked in several restaurants in France, while Pascal Barbot did not notice the talent of Shuzo and did not invite him to work under his own direction. Shuzo returned to Japan in 2006, after which he opened his own institution Quintessence. Now the institution has three stars of the prestigious Michelin restaurant rating and is on the list of the best restaurants in the world.
Kitchen and Crockery
The restaurant does not have a specific menu. The chef makes it according to the availability in the kitchen of fresh seasonal products. According to Shuzo, it is the quality and freshness of ingredients that are the main ingredient of a successful cuisine. The chef chooses his own cooking method for each dish separately, and great attention is paid to the heat treatment of the products. The crown dish of the chef: dessert Bavarois with goat milk, lily bulb, sea salt and olive oil.
Achievements and awards
• TheWorld's 50 BestRestaurant: a place in the list of the best restaurants in the world.
• Three stars of the prestigious Michelin restaurant rating.
Personal Philosophy
The main principles that guided Shuzo in the work - respect for products, understanding the entire process of cooking and active participation in it, as well as mindfulness and caution in the use of seasonings. Shuzo likes to add a bit of humor and poetry to the dishes, and hopes that visitors unravel his messages. He is very attentive to details and adheres to clear rules for cooking. The mission of the chef is to open all the tastes of modern French cuisine to visitors and bring it to a new stage of development.
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