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Chef Sven Elverfeld

"Achieve your goals with dedication and attention to detail"
Gourmet restaurant Aqua, which is owned by chef Sven Elverfeld, located in the prestigious hotel in Wolfsburg, Germany. For several years, the institution is the undisputed leader of the famous gastronomic ratings.
Secret of success
Sven has a keen sense of taste and great intuition. Due to the fact that he "feels" the food, it creates a true gastronomic wonders. His talent and his own vision helped win the confidence of visitors, gourmets and restaurant critics.
Carier start
Sven graduated at the confectioner, and only then was trained as a chef. He has worked in several restaurants in Japan, Dubai and the island of Crete, and this time it was familiar and important for his culinary career. After training Sven led several elite restaurants. In 2000 he returned home and began work at the Aqua restaurant, which has brought the chef worldwide fame.
Kitchen and dish crown
Kitchen Sven has a unique combination of flavors and aromas. It maintains good relations with local producers and is used in cooking and seasonal products. Coming up with new dishes, the chef says he traveled path in life, it takes the usual recipes, studied them before, and transforms them into something new. The basis he takes traditional dishes and tells its own story. Chef signature dish - oysters with jellied beef, pine nuts, capers and anchovy and onion cream and pork breast on grilled with sauerkraut, apple and fried potatoes.
Awards and achievements
• Three stars the most famous and influential Michelin rated restaurant.
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: in the ranking of the 100 best restaurants in the world.
• Best Chef 2007 to version Der Feinschmecker magazine.
Personal philosophy
Sven adheres to the following principle of life, which is confirmed every year: you must constantly strive for their goals and devote sufficient attention to the details, because it is the sum of them good food. Chef wants to be healthy physically and mentally as much as possible to practice cooking and creating new dishes, as well as to share the inspiration and creativity with its employees.
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