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Chef Victor Arginsonis

Victor Arginsonis prepares all his meals "smoky"
"There is one particular in all my dishes
 extra ingredient - a scent of wood. "
Victor Arginsonis
Victor Arginsonis - a unique person. He is a chef who learned the culinary world of their own, inventing new tools and technologies.
Inventive chef
Victor Arginsonis notorious for preparing a simple, but incredibly interesting and delicious dishes on the grill. In his restaurant «Asador Etxebarri», which is located in the Basque village atxondo, the main attention is paid to the preparation of food on an open fire.
Chef Sam is very prone to experimentation, he is constantly trying new types of coal and wood are different. Arginsonis not only invented and implemented new special tools used for grilling, it is also wood used for coal, classified. The basis of this classification served as compatible with those of coal or other ingredients. Viktor sure that the taste of food cooked on the coals, very much depends on how it is resinous scent of wood is impregnated.
Cook - self-taught
According to the stories of Arginsonisa, his path has been difficult in the gastronomic world. Interestingly, he did not study in any culinary institution. Yes, one of the best chefs of the world - it is a self-taught chef!
 To become a chef famous restaurant, Victor Arginsonis come a long way, associated with the hard work and sacrifices. Before he could (with relatives) to buy a restaurant close to the city of San Sebastian, Victor worked for many years at the factory. But think about it, he does not like.
I love to cook food cooking accompanied by a child. The family Arginsonisa there was always an understanding that food - is a kind of cult. Sensing it should be with respect and gratitude. Victor believes that it affected his culinary style.
Buying own restaurant inventive chef calls the adventure. It began in 1989 with the restoration of the institutions. «Asador Etxebarri» first opened its doors to guests 27 April 1990.
Cooking over charcoal
If you want to taste the cuisine of Victor Arginsonisa, then go to the mountains near San Sebastian. Within an hour's drive from the city, there is a village atxondo where so quiet and peaceful that you can only calves mooing sounds disturbing. At the basis of all food establishments «Asador Etxebarri» only fresh, totally organic and seasonal produce.
Chief advises guests are sure to try his tasting menu. It is interesting because there are harmoniously combined simple and complex options for meals. It is made according to the current season. All products are prepared according to old technologies, their choice is quite wide. The very same boss most like to work with eel.
But the most spectacular and unusual dish Arginsonisa - it certainly smoked ice cream. It has a real taste of haze and prepares his boss, heating the milk over the coals.
• Award «Soles Repsol» in the amount of three pieces
• National Award and the title of "Best Chef of the Year"
• In the 100 and the 50 best restaurants in the world
• Michelin star
Talents of the Basque Country
Victor Arginsonis says that the talent of the Spanish chefs closely related traditions of the Basque Country, they influence the character and development of creative abilities. Delicious food - part of Spanish culture, a fundamental element of their lives. With the help of his kitchen, they talk about themselves.
On the topic of today's gastronomic preferences and tastes Arginsonis responds cautiously. He does not try to analyze the perspective of culinary directions, but sure tastes are changing very quickly, and a clear direction of their course does not exist.
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