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Chef Yannick Alléno

"My dishes - a reflection of Paris"
Yannick Alléno -shef chef places Pavillon Ledoyen, located in the French city of Paris. Cook is famous for his skill and experimentation, it blends perfectly with the traditional French cuisine.
Secret of success
Parents future chef owned restaurant near Paris. According to Yannick, they brought him a hot love for cooking. With her mother and grandmother, he was preparing a variety of French cuisine that influenced the choice of profession in the future. But the success of this chef has achieved thanks to the charisma and unique talent that made him famous.
In 15 years, Yannick's father sent him to an internship at a prestigious restaurant. During operation, there is a young Yannick understood immediately: Food - it was his calling. Subsequently, he studied hotel management, had worked in Paris hotels, because of what he chef used to call himself "a hotel chef." After receiving three stars of the Michelin restaurant guide, Yannick established his own company, under the brand name which is currently the chef manages several institutions around the world.
Kitchen and dish crown
Yannick uses only the highest quality ingredients and seasonal produce to prepare dishes. Signature dish of the chef: Mussel with chunks of cod and apples, soft and tender beef with olives, fried green tomatoes, as well as the perfect summer dish - vegetable stew of zucchini flowers with the addition of tomatoes, red onion and garlic.
Awards and achievements
• 3 stars popular all over the world restaurant rankings Michelin.
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place in the list of the best restaurants in the world.
• Award "great French chef" restaurant rating Gault Millau.
Personal philosophy
His work Yannick wants to show people that French cuisine can be varied. So he expertly combines traditional dishes with the latest culinary tehnologiyami.On loves to experiment and discover new tastes, to create new dishes. Cooked he tries himself, and to achieve the perfect taste, he has to prepare the same dish again. The only way he will be sure that he has reached the ideal. Yannick does not present itself without self-realization: it is constantly being improved to surprise guests with new unique flavors.
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