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Chef Zaoui Hasegawa

"Taste of home cooking for everyone the"
Zaoui Hasegawa - Chef Japanese Restaurant Den, which is located in Tokyo, one of the largest and most influential cities in the world. The institution has received wide recognition through 3 years after opening.
Secret of success
The secret to a successful career chef - determination. Zauine has special education and does not consider that to be a good chef, it is necessary to learn it. In his youth, he needed money, so he wanted to become independent as soon as possible. With practice, together with his mother, Zaoui received invaluable experience and acquired the necessary skills. This helped future boss decide to open their own restaurant.
Zaoui born in Tokyo. Since childhood, the future chef was immersed in the atmosphere of Japanese haute cuisine, his mother worked in a high-end restaurant. Zaoui began working with her since 18 let.Skryvaya of all that they are relatives, a young and ambitious man developed his own unique culinary style and coached the qualities that have helped him become one of the best chefs. In 29 years, driven by the desire to cook by their own rules, Zaoui opened his own restaurant.
Kitchen and dish crown
The chef creates inventive new dishes based on classic recipes of Japanese cuisine: the menu you can find both traditional Japanese cuisine and contemporary dishes. The cooking Zaoui uses only fresh ingredients, grown by his sister-farmer. The offer varies depending on the season. Bailiwick dish chef - Spring salad from vegetables and 20 chicken wings, offered to take away.
Awards and achievements
• Two stars of the prestigious Michelin restaurant rating.
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place in the list of best restaurants.
• Winner in the category "Asian and Australian rising star."
Personal philosophy
The main aim of the chef - please every visitor. First of all he thinks about the people who visit the restaurant: Zaoui considers that they should come in a good mood and happy to leave. In his dishes, he is guided by the Japanese culture, which affects him throughout his career. He is proud of his origins, but at the same time respects the cooking of other countries. Zaoui considers that one of its objectives is to transfer Japanese beauty through food.
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