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How to cook quail eggs

Although quail eggs with its size and looks very different from the chicken, fundamental differences in their preparation is not present. There is only little nuances that are worth paying attention.
How to cook quail eggs. Preparation for cooking
Ten minutes before the scheduled time of cooking quail eggs must be removed from the refrigerator and let soak at room temperature. It must be done so in the process of how the egg will be cooked, its shell is not cracked by a sudden temperature change.
Quail eggs, as well as any other, it is necessary to rinse with cool water, making sure that the shell is not dirt left, there was no fracture.
How much time and how the product should be cooked
Not everyone knows how to cook this valuable product. Nothing complicated. Much depends on whether the result of cooking needs, we need soft-boiled eggs, boiled or poached.
To cook soft-boiled quail eggs need to lower them for two minutes in boiling water. For those who prefer hard-boiled eggs, you should hold the product in boiling water for five minutes.
There are two ways to cook eggs bookmarks:
• In cold water
• The hot water
If lay eggs in cold water, then it is better a little salt the.
In boiling water, place the quail eggs better with a spoon, gently lowering it on the bottom of the tank.
Ready quail eggs must necessarily hold in cold water, otherwise it will be impossible to clean off the shells.
Those who like to experiment, can cook yourself a poached egg. In boiling water, add salt and vinegar (per liter of water 1 tbsp. L. Salt and 10 gr. Of vinegar). Spoon in the water make the funnel in the center of which neatly divide the egg. It turns out the egg yolk in a pouch. Very unusual and delicious.
As served boiled quail eggs in the best restaurants in St. Petersburg and Moscow
Very popular in restaurants are poached eggs. They add the asparagus, eggplant, zucchini, young zucchini, asparagus or other vegetables with bright taste. So do professionally and beautifully poached quail eggs, home is simply impossible.
In some establishments served boiled quail egg tempura with fish and vegetables.
Cooks actively added quail eggs in Caesar and other salads, stuffed or marinated them in a special way. Serve quail eggs with salted fish, fresh, steamed or sharp pickled vegetables, pancakes, olives, red caviar, rolls, seaweed and green peas.
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