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Monitor the financial highlights

How does this relate to the theme? It's simple - I strongly recommend everyone to the chief, who began working in the restaurant, to conduct an initial audit. Having these figures, of course, does not make you a lord of the universe, but they can be useful. 8 rule is:
Starting a new contract, always secure the financial performance of institutions in order to subsequently determine its value.
Let us follow the script, if you ignored or was not aware of this rule:
1. You start to work in a restaurant - full of enthusiasm, ambition and ideas;
2. Fascinated concerns and creativity, you forgot all about what a good idea to conduct an audit before starting to work;
3. As a result, after several months of hard to tell you, if you put the restaurant to a new level: even if he hangs out at the same place, or heading for the abyss, you're about to guess only, with no access to financial indicators:
4. Also, it is likely, as long as you flutter through the kitchen, lost in the working process, piling up the shortage, which then spill over into deductions from wages, undermined the morale and general mistrust.
What gives you fulfillment of this rule?
• When a job avtomtizatsii access to the system to evaluate the statistics and record key financial indicators;
• Fixing the figures gives an idea about the value of their own work and in which case the investor to demonstrate it, and plan further motion vector and the development of the restaurant. You will have strong arguments in the call, if the figures it is clear that your work has had a beneficial effect on the financial condition of the institution;
• If an investor refuses to grant full access to the system, it can be alarming bell - perhaps this approach is beneficial to the accountant and investor, but not to you and your team. Special chic by such investors - do not show the actual numbers, but without a trace of embarrassment to shoulder responsibility for the shortage of financial and other blemishes on the boss;
• And, of course, such a "blind" operations sows doubt in the team and does not promote teamwork.
Thus, monitoring of this aspect will not take much time, but will get rid from several problems that may arise.
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