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Keep an eye on the quality of work of employees

Along with career growth and salary increases at times increases the degree of responsibility assumed by a particular worker. Investors are willing to offer an enticing salary to employees who want to take this responsibility for themselves, and only one little responsibility - in the event that we are talking about the chief position, take another and sickly makings of a leader, and the ability to manage people.
The essence of management, on which you will increasingly be engaged, is not about to fasten a chef's hat in the shape of a crown and prance around the kitchen, giving instructions and throwing unwanted in a hot skillet. Your goal - to make sure that all the tasks were as efficient as possible (remember, for many years, "Uncle," you must have been the chief, specifying that causes you shock and confusion), and monitor the results. This is my next rule.
Always require high-quality work with their staff.
People are mostly lazy. This, of course, sad, but this is not surprising, and even shame - nature intended us so that we always aim for the maximum energy conservation. Because most people do not, in principle, capable of operating without the wise sensei with gingerbread stick. Do not expect that your subordinates are aware of their own schools, and will be corrected - it is you, and should point to the mistakes and guide them. Later, all the brakes a couple of times - and they continue to do in their own way, causing damage and making the work effective.
The best option becomes a statement of objectives and results tracking. You just can not physically monitor the workflow of all the slaves - after all, you do not nurse. Because in this case, I recommend the optimal solution - statement of the problem to a specific period and subsequent monitoring of its implementation. Believe me, if this approach one of your subordinates not afford to ignore the job. And if they allow - in the absence of a valid reason it would be a serious reason to part with unnecessary ballast in the form of an irresponsible employee.
And, of course, such an approach should be complemented by other management methods - Give an example of quality work in a team, requires discipline and yet be disciplined himself, rds reward system, let subordinates grow and develop, and do not forget to experiment and invent your own motivation methods for collective.
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