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Watch for the content of dishes on the sink

In the previous two rules I have dwelt on the interaction with the guests, and establishing feedback. I stashed another effective way to obtain feedbacks from the visitors, and I recommend you start using it immediately. Warn at once - everything is much more prosaic and landing, rather than the development of copyright meals and access to the room, but without this in any way. So, stop by the sink and a detailed look at the contents of the plates.
Looked at the sink, if not bring plates are empty, there is reason to think.
Empty plate - highly praise for the chef, but the regular guests from malnutrition will tell you about their reactions eloquent than any book of complaints. And if you value the reputation of the restaurant and its own name - that is you should take care of this problem and try to figure out what was wrong.
Conventionally, such a situation can be divided into private and recurring. In the first case we have in mind that the root of the problem - in the occasional carelessness or oversight of one of the employees. For example, here's a few illustrative cases:
• Guest did not have a meal, as it does not tolerate onions, tomatoes, peppers - anything. The presence of this ingredient, he asked the waiter, but the latter forgot to warn;
• Food too salty banal, insufficient salting or simply does not have the same taste, you will enjoy;
• The dish has cooled down, as standing for too long due to the fault of the waiter or cook.
That is why it is important to always be alert. If you have found such a single case, your task - to talk with the waiter and find out what exactly was the problem. Further, no sin is armed with two previous rules - that is, to focus on visitor satisfaction, to go to the visitor, to try to smooth out the unpleasant impression unobtrusive communication or a compliment. Well and, of course, do not forget to find the perpetrators and to hold the relevant work, or particular cases of gradually become regular.
The last few months you have been the case more interesting than to look into the dish, and you find that everything is very bad? Congratulations, you have a lot of work to find that aspect, which does not allow guests to fully enjoy the treats.
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