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Collation statement of who should fill, how the removal of residues in the kitchen

Often, in the restaurant you can watch the picture when approaching the day removing debris. Typically, the chef gives the forms to the products by category in alphabetical order, where you want to enter the weight. Chief divides into three - five pieces and gives his subordinates, who at the same time in an accelerated mode start times without weighing on the eyes, to fill them. This restaurant is closed all wake up several hours earlier no time to have breakfast and to cheer up, cook, cursing in his heart is filled with statements. There is a preponderance of products across PF, which is not listed, mother, chef writes it as a separate line. But "Oatmeal" cook looking at the start list for the letter "O" is not found, begins to look for the letter "X" - "oat flakes", it turns out this position in the calculator already written as "Hercules". This chef did not find "Oatmeal flakes" records the position of a separate line. Removal of residues is delayed and takes time, which is designed for the preparation of blanks. Everyone starts to accelerate, with the balance sidelined guys show mastery of weight determination by eye. Meanwhile, the accountant calculator tightly breakfast, goes to work and gets to drink a cappuccino with cinnamon, which it why it relies for free every day. Further, during the day it enters without checking the data in the automation system generates collation statement and once again complaining about the investor that does not have time to do their job as the removal of residues takes a lot of effort, time and nerves. Chefs are beginning to give orders from a knife, as the workpiece in the morning they did not have time to do. Accordingly, this story affects the quality and as a result of attendance at the guests. Time passes, collation statement is chef with a huge minus for meat, oil and Hercules. Not understanding how it can get to accept unproven solutions calculate shortage with cooks, those, in turn, the desire to work and a positive disappear. What happens next, I will not write, go directly to their recommendations.
How to make a collation statement without the drawbacks
Each investor should understand that general cleaning and the removal of residues take longer than it would be desirable if they do accurately. Collation sheet and letterhead should fill an accountant calculator. Chef should carefully monitor the process, and watch how the weigh-in, and check whether everything is recorded correctly. Split this procedure and weigh the same time, you can plant different, this chef has to trust the person who writes the data and controls the process.
- It is recommended to record data on an ordinary sheet, then transfer it without hurry in the collation statement. This will speed up the whole process.
- Chef is better to make a copy of the results and in parallel with the calculator calculator podschitat.Ne necessarily talk about their re-examination. For this is perfect alternative restaurant automation system, such as this: It is recommended to make copies and keep all credit and debit invoices.
- If you want to collation statement was minimal negatives, check balances selectively for work at least a couple times a week.
- Most look in his alternative system. Lead residues accounting in real time. If you find negative, try to immediately find out the reason.
- Achieve, to have access to video surveillance.
- If the restaurant is large, get a magazine residues in the meat shop on PF and acts of cutting.
- If you transmit documents, and there were cases of loss, get a journal to record the transfer.
Listening to my recommendations, your collation statement will become more positive.
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