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Soy lecithin in cooking

Lecithin - one of the organic substances of interest. It is no exaggeration to call the fuel for our body as the basis of lecithin - phospholipids, building material for membranes and cells.
This material was discovered and first described its properties, exploring the egg yolk, the French chemist Theodor Goble in 1859. Actually, hence the name (egg yolk in Greek - lecithos).
In general, lecithin - an integral part of the exchange of the human body substances. In addition, it is composed of many products, and recently there is also a separate dietary supplement.
What is lecithin
Lecithin is used in the food industry, mainly of plant origin. It is extracted from soybean and sunflower oils. Accordingly, there is:
• soy;
• Sunflower.
Sunflower or soy lecithin is most commonly used in the food industry.
Granulated Soy Lecithin is used as a food additive and a liquid soy lecithin is often used in cosmetics because it is very nutritious and interacts well with other means. In this case, a liquid soya lecithin - capsule. Soy Lecithin is mainly extracted from soybeans. They are ground and extracted, and filtered to give crude soybean oil which is obtained after separation of refined soybean oil and lecithin precipitate.
Natural soy lecithin - the most popular emulsifier is used in food products. It helps to mix the substances and interact appropriately.
Soy Lecithin: composition
The main components of soy lecithin - a phospholipid.
It also contains:
• B vitamins A, E, B;
• phosphates;
• linoleic acid;
• choline.
How useful lecithin
• The test lecithin interacts with the gluten, making a stronger gluten. The dough is a more plastic, better baked through and slowly hardens.
• Lecithin increases the shelf life of the products - this is one of its main characteristics.
• It helps to mix and interact substances under normal conditions incompatible. For example, adding the lecithin, it is possible to mix together the water and oil.
Soy lecithin - a popular ingredient in molecular kitchen
It is used to create different types of foam: Espuma, meringue, thick foam. It is important that this was not in the mass of fat.
Here is a simple recipe using foam lecithin
• foam basis (this may be juice or other soft drinks or alcoholic) - 100 ml;
• soy lecithin - 1.5 g
Cooking method:
1) Lecithin is dissolved in the liquid by the corolla. Then he has to leave for.
2) The resulting liquid blender whipped to a foam.
3) It is necessary to wait for two minutes and collect the foam with a spoon.
Emulsifier soya lecithin: benefits and harms
About soya lecithin reviews are different. Many still believe that the soya lecithin harm, although the substance is an integral part of our body. People with fear related to food additives of group E and genetically modified organisms. Some parents have questioned whether it is possible to give your child soy lecithin. But there are no contraindications, except for individual sensitivity to it, no. Soy Lecithin E476 brings harm if they are not abused.
Conversely, soy lecithin has many useful properties:
 feeds the brain;
 prevents cholesterol clog blood vessels;
 has antioxidant properties;
 accelerates fat digestion.
People buy soy lecithin bought in pharmacies and on the internet, using it as a medicine and eating as a dietary supplement.
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