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Growth Hormone: description and norm in the body

Growth hormone - growth hormone, which is produced by the pituitary gland hormone and is short acting. During the entire existence in the body produces a lot of effective change.
Growth Hormone - description hormone
The hormone is entirely responsible for the physical development of man: it regulates the growth of the body, stimulates the growth of muscles and actively interacts with other hormones. The most pronounced during childhood and young age, followed by a decrease in the amount of growth hormone (decrease begins after 20 years). The rate of hormone in the body of an adult as follows: 0,1-13 mU / l (men - up to 2 ng / ml, women - up to 10 ng / ml).
Food and somatotropin
In young age insulin (hormone assimilating glucose) somatotropin and operate in pairs in the first hour after entering the body of food increases insulin levels after a few hours it decreases and increases somatotropin. But the child's body is growing, and growth hormone levels gradually falls that gradually leads to adult body fat accumulation.
Fat - the main obstacle to the normalization of the level of growth hormone. With each increase in body mass index of growth hormone level falls by 6% (which is why you need to struggle with excess weight). The secretion of the hormone also inhibits carbohydrate foods.
In order to increase growth hormone, you must adhere to the correct balanced diet. Avoid fatty, flour and sweet foods, lean on protein dishes: cheese, milk, cheese. Include in the diet of legumes, nuts, fish, eggs. Eat more fruit. Every other week to arrange fasting: it will increase the production of growth hormone. At this time, it is recommended to drink a lot: juice, juice or water - it does not matter, the main thing that has been drunk at least 2 liters of fluid.
Growth Hormone - deviation from the norm
When an excess of growth hormone in adults bones become thicker, facial features grubeyut and tongue size increases. The excess is also accompanied by the following features: the nerves are compressed, muscle strength decreases tissue resistance to insulin increases. As a consequence, developed an adenoma of the anterior pituitary (most often the disease develops in the elderly).
Insufficient hormone is due to a genetic predisposition. It is characterized by slow growth, delayed mental and sexual development in children. In adults, the lack of growth hormone leads to excessive fat deposition.
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