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The competition for chefs unique "Bocuse d'Or"

If the Screen Actors highest award - the Oscar, for athletes - a medal at the Olympic Games, for the masters of haute cuisine - it is a victory in the battle of culinary "Bocuse d'Or". Statuette chefs wants to get everyone, but for the majority of it still remains a dream.
History of competition
Unique competition «Bocuse d'Or» was first held in 1987. Honorary President of the exhibition for professionals chefs, Paul Bocuse decided to make in León culinary competition among chefs from around the world. He invited the press and the many visitors to watch the culinary competitions of talented young chefs and their competent jury evaluated. Cook's world championship is now held every 2 years and is a huge success. Russian chefs taking part in the Battle of the strongest cooks from 2003. It is not too successful.
Who is the organizer of gourmet events - the French company GL events Exhibitions.
Which rules?
On the culinary ring fighting 24 chefs from different countries. Everyone should prepare 2 dishes (meat and fish), and the time given to five and a half hours. Everything is prepared directly during the competition, under the supervision of representatives of the ad hoc committee.
The team consists of a manager, chef, sous-chef and trainer who can help Council. The process of creating culinary masterpieces takes place in a separate box. There is always a limit on the use of products and methods of cooking. Interestingly, the report of the cooks what they will prepare a month before the competition. And the market for herbs, they are one and a half hours before the start of competitions.
How to get involved?
To participate in the prestigious competition are only those chefs who have won in the qualifying rounds in their home country. Cook must have the nationality of that country, which is going to represent. There is an age limit, the participant must be over 24 years of age (younger than 22 years old assistant). He must be experienced chef, sous-chef or cook in their country. All other criteria are not too important.
Where to begin? Prepare a unique team. To win the regional competition, then to win the national selection round and welcome to Leon on a grand «Bocuse d'Or».
Qualifying rounds
They are held in each country, in Russia, too, has an office in this prestigious competition.
Masters, who will compete in 2017 in the «Bocuse d'Or» in the French Leone have already been identified. Qualifying in Russia took place in Moscow in June 2015, a European semi-final in Budapest in May 2016. Hungary won, our chefs only in 18th place.
The following regional qualifying rounds will take place already on the opportunity to become a participant in the contest "Bocuse d'Or - 2019".
For the preparation of and participation in such competitions require an impressive store of knowledge, good financial support. If you still decided to participate, willing to help you with contacts can be found on the home page
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