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Pine cones: properties and recipes

Pine - conifer. Its long leaves look like sharp needles growing shaped beams. Young cones wood used as a cure for various colds. Pine cones are collected and make jam from them.
Beneficial features
All the beneficial properties of wood are concentrated directly into cones. Pine gradually accumulates nutrients. Selenium, magnesium, iron and vitamins - the main trace elements of the tasty delicacies of the forest. Cones help in diseases of the joints, and are also a good tool for the prevention of tuberculosis.
It has long shoots buds were used as a means to combat scurvy. Young cones are used for the treatment of various respiratory diseases. Made from cones jam improves the immune system during acute colds. Cones are used for the prevention of loss of strength, stress or depression. Jam made from cones - good vitaminizing and fortifying agent.
Where and when to collect pine cones?
Pine cones grow in pine forests. During the collection should be kept away from the town, the industrial area and noisy roads. Collect cones in the spring, until the middle of May, when they are still green and only beginning to emerge. The length of the cones during the collection will vary from 1 to 4 cm. They should be soft and give in to the knife. If you do not have a knife, you can try to scratch the bump nail if she gives in - safely harvest.
Prefer resinous, sticky, dense instances. See, to make them look healthy and developed: only those cones fully disclose all of its healing properties. Take a good look at a tree, if it is hit by pests, with bumps such a tree is better not to gather and choose another.
Jam of pine cones
The finished dish is reminiscent of liquid honey. The taste of sweet jam, amber color. For cooking jam pre-washed pine cones cover with water (it should completely cover the ingredient). Put on the stove, boil. Add sugar in a ratio of one to one.
If you do not like too much sweet food, adjust the amount of sugar to taste. If desired, add berries, vanilla, cinnamon, lemon juice. Continue to boil, reduce heat slightly. Periodically stir the jam and remove the foam. Cooking time - about 2 hours. Ready jam put in jars.
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