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The dough for the pie

Pie - this dough rolls, pies characterized by its size. In most cakes baked in the oven, and they can act as a dessert or as a main dish or snack. It all depends on the filling, which is used in cakes, and it can be - berries and fruits, eggs, herbs, meat, jam, vegetables and so on.
How to cook the dough into cakes
The dough may be liquid, they just fill the stuffing as a casserole. To this end, beat the eggs, add sour cream, flour, salt, and pour the filling, on a baking sheet lined with parchment.
The second option is somewhat similar to the short pastry, it is very well suited for dessert pies, stuffed with sweets. We need to shake up a glass of butter and the same amount of sugar, add eggs and beat with a mixer again. Knead to the 1 cup flour. First, on a greased and lined with baking parchment spread the resulting dough and decorate the top of it is not very watery fruit, sliced. This can be an apple, pear, plum. On top of the cake sprinkled with sugar and bake in the oven.
The third and most commonly used version of the test on the cake - a yeast. Dry yeast diluted in warm water or milk, insist 20 minutes and then knead the dough. It can be sweet or salty, depending on the filling. Pies in the yeast dough looks very nice, they make patterns - braids, flowers and so on. If at the end of baking cakes grease the egg yolk, then it will give a nice shine.
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