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TOP 10 interesting products

in various cookeries of the world, there are products and dishes that not everyone will dare to try. nevertheless, these dishes are popular among those who are not afraid of culinary experiments. we present to your attention 10 unusual products.
cuttlefish ink
This is the name of a special liquid contained in the body cavity of a mollusk and used by it for its protection. In cooking, ink is used to color certain foods, such as pasta. They are also added to various sauces, giving the dish a taste of seafood. Maybe for someone such a dish looks intimidating, but in fact, cuttlefish ink is rich in vitamins and amino acids.
Purple potatoes
it is also called blue, truffle and even negress. basically, potatoes of this unusual color are grown in south america. the rich purple color of the tubers does not disappear even after prolonged heat treatment. the purple color was obtained by crossing different species, so this potato is no less delicious than the usual varieties.
The hairy fruit is cultivated in the countries of South-East Asia. in vietnamese, its name sounds like "dirty hair". in fact, it is a healthy fruit, the taste of which resembles green grapes, and the hairy skin is easily separated from the pulp.
truffle salt
Black and white truffles are an expensive delicacy. Not everyone can afford to eat them regularly. If this is not possible, try salt with small pieces of white and black truffles. It gives various dishes a pleasant aroma and delicate taste. Unfortunately, the product often comes on sale not with pieces of natural mushrooms, but with truffle flavors.
Eyeballs of tuna
Not every one of us will be able to look at this dish calmly. Many find it simply disgusting. However, unprocessed tuna eyeballs are considered a delicacy in China and Japan. If you still dare to try an unusual dish, then make sure that it tastes like squid.
Bird's nest
The nests of birds living in the countries of South-East Asia are used for food. The product belongs to the most expensive in the world: the price per kilogram exceeds 2 thousand dollars. Bird's nest soup is a popular dish in China, Taiwan and Singapore. The product contains a large amount of protein, carbohydrates, amino acids and useful minerals.
The artificially aged balls
Previously, a mixture of tea, lime, resin and clay was used to age eggs. Chicken or duck eggs were buried for 3-4 months. Today, caustic soda and polymer film are used, although most gourmets prefer to buy a ready-made "old" product in the supermarket. Externally, the delicacy is not much like an ordinary egg: the protein turns into jelly, and the yolk into a black souffle.
Bear paws
The demand for this delicacy is growing every year. Bear paws are served fried or made into soup. The popularity of the dish increases on the eve of the Chinese New Year. In addition, the Chinese believe in the healing qualities of paws, especially when it comes to male potency.
The eggs of the ants
Another delicacy for people with strong nerves. For its preparation, the eggs of giant black ants living in the roots of blue agave are used. The product is stewed, fried in oil or boiled in onion or garlic broth. Ant larvae are a source of protein, strengthen muscle tissue and improve the functioning of the immune system.
A dish made from Mexican bedbugs. In the southern regions of Mexico, it is a common everyday food. Insects are eaten fresh or boiled, served with asparagus or shrimp. The delicacy is appreciated for its piquant sweet-bitter taste.
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