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What kind of animal is - tapioca?

For this unusual title product disappears, mainly composed of starch. That is why it is used as a thickener. It is extracted from cassava roots.
Cassava - exotic in appearance shrub. It grows in Brazil, Cuba, Asian and other warm countries. Residents of these areas are accustomed to eat cassava as often as we have - potatoes. Now the raw materials for tapioca starting to increasingly grow in greenhouses, it is becoming more and more popular. The beauty of it is that it is easy for the body, it is extremely low in fat.
Production of tapioca - a difficult and long process. To this end the roots are soaked for several days and then pulverized, triturated and heated into a paste, used to make pellets, flakes or flour.
edible pearl
Traditionally tapioca looks like small balls are not always accurate shape, and it is still in the form of starch or flour powder, granules and flakes.
Tapioca balls usually white, so sometimes they are called pearls. Poetic, is not it? A further useful and nutritious. After all, this thing is just universal: it is added to soups, puddings, different drinks and cocktails. Sometimes they put in tapioca cakes, and she also helps to create a very beautiful and delicious dishes of molecular gastronomy. If you want to learn how to cook this ingredient as tapioca, a recipe with photos can be found here.
Unusual tea - Bubble Tea
The drink became popular in the 90s of the twentieth century, first appeared in China. "Chip" is that on the bottom of the glass float tapioca balls that are chewed like candy, and give a very unusual feeling.
Simple recipe
The most popular dish with the ingredient - a pudding tapioca. But in the molecular kitchen it can be used as beads for decoration.
You will need:
• few strands of saffron;
• 15 g of tapioca starch in the form of beads;
• 200 ml of water.
1. Soak tapioca in water overnight.
2. Then cook with salt and saffron over medium heat until tender.
3. Drain the water, so that only the balls.
4. Serve with any dish, for example, with tuna cubes, chives, lemon oil and coconut foam. Before filing out of the cold.
Tapioca: the replace
If you do not have this ingredient, or he you for some reason do not like, in some cases it can replace conventional or corn starch, for example in baking.
But in other cases, the product is so specific and original, that it is necessary to use it.
Tapioca: where to buy
Some cooks complain that tapioca hard to get. Today, this problem does not exist practically. What you will not see on the shelf nearest shop can be easily ordered online.
Diet and delicious food
Tapioca is not only easy to digest, and is extremely rich in starch, but also includes:
• water;
• proteins;
• fats;
• fiber;
• organic matter;
• vitamins.
Of course, it is used not only for food. It is very popular in medicine and cosmetology.
Nothing harmful to humans has been detected in it. But, of course, it is not worth it to overeat, because everything is good in moderation!
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