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Hurry up with the study of the menu? Offer to do it yourself

Working through the menu, I think one of the key steps in the process of preparing the restaurant for its opening, and this time does not tolerate haste and quickness. Unfortunately, to convey this information to investors sometimes impossible - they somehow think that the development of a new menu from scratch - employment is extremely simple and effortless. If the owner of the restaurant business is already close to hysteria, let the foam, rolls on the floor and just requires to make the menu here and now - please use the following my recommendation:
If you rush to the new study of the menu, offer him to do himself.
Working through the menu - a creative process and haste can not only spoil the result. Customize your restaurant owner just delaying the end of this stage, and to no good all this does not lead.
Very often haste due to the fact that the customer simply do not know what is included in the process of elaboration of the menu and the creation of new dishes - I agree with the part of it may seem that the case itself is quite simple. In fact, even with a huge supply of enthusiasm and a bunch of ideas there is no guarantee that this or that idea realizable and be able to make it happen the first time. On paper or in your head all might sound and look just perfect, but when it comes to practice - you may encounter with different surprises that hinder convert interesting idea into reality.
Quick study the menu and can not yet because of one factor - for each result of creative work need to look fresh, nezamylennym look. I usually give the dish stand, several times looking at the picture and try to discover the weak points that can replace the advantages. But even if all the details thought out and the dish seems ideal, to be followed by a few steps, without which it can not do - tasting checked manufacturability returns, it is also important that the dish has gained sufficient amount of positive feedback from the guests. In addition, the chief engaged in study of the menu should constantly monitor the figures - important profitability dishes, as well as the speed and simplicity of its creation. Dish can get into the menu only on the condition that each of these steps completed successfully - sometimes surfaced minus one can simply destroy all that has been done before, and have to start all over again.
Create a really interesting menu, really difficult - if you talk about my experience here really need to "Star agreed." And, again, I can with absolute certainty say that convey that message to the investor is not always easy, so I prefer to get tough and propose to develop a menu of the most - usually after a raging fire impatience cools down, and I continue to work in the comfort of my time.
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