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Cake Napoleon

A bit of history. Russia
Russian version tells us that delicacy was invented specifically for the centennial of the victory of the Russian army over the French Legion. The name was coined as a characteristic - on behalf of the defeated Emperor Napoleon. Cake "Napoleon" for this version, and has a deeper meaning: every Russian man from Mlada up old can again and again to win the French, mercilessly consuming an amazing treat.
The Italians are credited with the invention of prescription puff cake itself. They substantiate the etymological origin of the name. Historians believe gastronomy that lies at the root of the word «Napolitano» - «Naples," that is, there will be very common in Naples (city, stretching along the banks of the Gulf of Naples). Some discrepancy is attributed to the time it is known, can distort the pronunciation, even beyond recognition.
Hungarians are proud of the fact that the cake "Napoleon" is the owner of banquet tables. Cut into small portions flaky delicacy owes its origin to the French pastry chef Jacques Mignon, who at the time lived in Hungary. Master delicacies enjoyed watching the behavior of secular society and even researched his gastronomic predilections. Concerned about her figure, ladies prefer small portions, and their gentlemen, on the contrary, opt for a big cake and huge cakes. Mignon decided to surprise the lovely ladies, and after endless trial and error, has revealed to them laminated treat, cut into small portions.
The French believe the cake "Napoleon" to their national heritage. The country of cheeses and good wine There is several stories. According to one of them came up with the recipe puff treats the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, vanity sharing with the invention, its noble name.
Interestingly, the French cake called «mille-feuilles», which means "a thousand layers." Splatter accord is widely used in Italian homes. The English called the sweetness of vanilla slice »or« cream slice ». Undoubtedly, the beautiful sound of French "thousand layers" much more attractive and harmonious. But back to history, in which the cake "Napoleon" plays a major role.
So, Napoleon was a famous admirer of feminine beauty. One evening Josephine found him in no uncertain terms of one of her ladies in waiting. The brave soldiers suddenly realized that salvation lies in something unusual. Bonaparte was famous for his culinary skills, so write in a critical situation insane, as it seemed to him, a recipe wonderful cake was not difficult. And Josephine believed. When in close range to reveal the truth, the aristocrats once again had the opportunity to see the genius of Bonaparte.
The second story tells that Napoleon pastry really wanted to surprise his master and gain his location. Cook had no imagination, and was poorly endowed with imagination, these weaknesses were compensated by the remarkable sharpness. Confectioner acquired a favorite treat in those days - the cake "Royal biscuit" and divided it into cakes, each of which is cut in half and smeared custard, mixed with heavy cream and strawberry jam. Calling the new cake "Napoleon", won the favor of the master confectioner and his retinue.
Subtleties preparation technology
When baking "Napoleon" is traditionally used puff pastry, knead you want to very carefully and rhythmically. Moreover, the dough requires cooling between at least three kneading procedures. Therefore, you will need considerable physical strength, or the rolling machine.
The second feature is the special punctures or cuts on Korzh before sending it into the oven. If they do not do around the perimeter of the test, the risk of "popping" is greatly increased, which could lead to the ugly appearance of a cake, and put in a cake "Napoleon" they will be very uncomfortable.
It is much easier to work on margarine. It does not melt as quickly as butter, but inferior in taste characteristics.
Now fragility. Good-baked cakes at stacking them on one another should break down, so do not worry about the cracks and cracked. The cream will do the trick, and everything right.
At the moment, there are plenty of recipes. Classic puff pastry is made of flour, butter, sour cream. Many prefer the beer sour cream, add egg and other hydrated soda in vinegar.
Some craftsmen prepare shortbread delicacy, which for them is much more delicious puff. Well, to each his own.
Cake "Napoleon" can be found in the confectionery department of each store or supermarket - the perfect treat yourself to your favorite dessert and not get dirty in the kitchen. Busy people can buy the frozen cake. Modern manufacturers of frozen semi-finished products in its range definitely have a sweet treat. With that, he placed on the shelves "Napoleon" in the different versions: with sour cream or beer, chocolate or fruit, sand, or puff.
Benefits and harms
What harm can a cake? Excess weight is a little trouble, you can bring the frequent use of this dessert. Korzh, of which the cake "Napoleon" very high-calorie and contain carcinogens. Just caloric load shall custard. Abuse of this cake can lead to bowel dysfunction, and prepared foods contain food colorings, flavor enhancers, preservatives, also have adverse effects on the human body.
There are positive aspects. Part of the cake flour delivers fiber and butter - vitamins and acids necessary for good vision and bone. Well everything in moderation.
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