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More than cuisine: Russian history in every dish

Gifts of land and their proper storage And the answer to this question, it is easier than it seems. Any culinary tradition, any national dish, is always tied to the land, which appeared. That land, climate and nature itself, create a particular dish. People living on this earth, we can only find the right recipe. Thus originated any national cuisine, including Russian cuisine. What can be called the national dish? For example, in every ethnic group has its own kind of bread. But in Russia it did not bland and not by leaps and bounds, and in particular leaven, which is derived from lactic acid bacteria convert milk into yogurt. And it was due the need to create a magnificent loaf of rye flour. Conventional tremor can not raise rye dough with a small amount of gluten. But sourdough is quite another matter. The result was and is the most useful in the world of bread. And a huge number of tasty and traditional Russian drinks. This sbiten and kvass. Virtually all national dishes riddled way of life, especially the cultivation of crops, especially winter storage and holidays. And here is an interesting analogy. Why in Russian meat taken simmer in a pot? And in the steppe regions of Russia has become a traditional kebab? It's not that the storage conditions in the cold cellar, where meat is stored throughout the winter, with an average temperature of 4 0C, led to the fact that it loses moisture and podvyalivayut. Best of all it was used for quenching and soups. But for such a product is suitable frying bad. Kebab is made ​​from freshly slaughtered animal who ate the most for 3-4 days. The need to survive the long winter, we owe a huge number of fermented, pickled and salted foods. Moreover, it is salty, and not marinated. Marinades can not be attributed to the Russian cuisine. How many kinds of pickled cucumbers exist? Yes, as much as housewives and Sol cucumbers in the winter. Pickles are as diverse as dry wine. And find two completely identical to taste cucumber or mushrooms in different rinks nearly impossible. I and my food: we were made for each other! Traditional Russian dishes demonstrate national identity and recognition. Wherever there was a Russian man, but on his desk necessarily soup and porridge. Dishes incomprehensible to many foreigners. It is these traditional dishes warmed our ancestors long winters for centuries. Try before access to the winter walk to eat a traditional Russian lunch of soup or pickle ing, oat or buckwheat porridge and hot jelly. And you'll understand why Russian cuisine has become just that. Traditional Russian cuisine is the strength and warmth in any frost, it was created to Russian winter was enjoyable and relaxing break after a year spent in hard work. And finally, the most important - is our health. Generation after generation in Russia, our ancestors learned to take his body to the desired mineral and organic substances is of Russian cuisine. The rich nature with lots of useful herbs, berries, mushrooms and fish helps in this. However, the most important thing is a traditional food created from local produce is always useful in any other. Whether we like it or not total, but our genetic code has become, in some way part of the general code of our great motherland. And do not take this is not possible.
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