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Transglutaminase - is an enzyme, particularly effective for bonding pieces of meat, seafood and fish. This combination reduces the amount of scrap that can not be used to prepare a uniformly thick steaks and portions make a beautiful appearance. Transglutaminase is widely used in the meat industry and cooking because it promotes binding to the cell level via lysine and glutamine amino acids found in proteins.
Using molecular kitchen transglutaminase
The first enzyme in the molecular kitchen began to use Heston Blumenthal, who popularized it and. Now transglutaminase is used by chefs to:
• the creation of carefully executed portions of meat or fish fillets;
• preparation of minced meat or sausage rolls for holding the shape without the use of intestines or other shell;
• the development of creative dishes: the chessboard of several kinds of meat and fish, beef noodles, colored snacks for canapés of red and white fish, etc.
How does transglutaminase
Transglutaminase is usually mixed with maltodextrin or other additives, because in concentrated form it difficult to work with. Depending on the type of additives and proteins that you want to glue, use a dry method of applying a powder or a wet, pre-diluted enzyme in water.
Typically, the amount required for use depends on the weight and type of protein product, and from 0.05% to 2%. On average, you need to 0.75-1%. But remember that linking the protein molecules, transglutaminase makes the meat more dense and hard, so it is important to apply the right amount of the minimum and no more. This is especially important if you are working with delicate ingredients such as fish.
Apply a transglutaminase on the product and push it to the other by gluing them. Wrap in plastic wrap, vacuum bag and store in a cool place for 4-24 hours - two parts need time to become one.
Transglutaminase. Impact on Human Health
Regarding the security of transglutaminase in the scientific world there is no consensus. But she is approved for use in the US, Europe, Japan and many other countries.
With the enzyme, as well as any other ingredient, related to the possibility of cross-contamination. So be careful when cooking at low temperatures. Use fresh products, glue them only in the cold - it will slow down the growth of bacteria.
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