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Ling: properties and recipes

Heather - evergreen heather family. The stems can reach about a meter in length. Color campanulate corolla plants - pale purple, sometimes there are white flowers. Fruit - small seeds with rounded edges, located in a small fluffy bag. The plant is dried and make him a tasty and healthy infusions.
Beneficial features
The plant contains citric acid, starch, tannins, gums, phenols. The colors contain vitamins, pigments and various trace elements beneficial to the body. The plant has a calming and sedative effect as well as anti-inflammatory effect. Heather promotes wound healing, accelerates blood clotting. Positive effect on the digestive system, holds the prevention of colds.
Where and when to collect the heather?
Collection of plants is carried out in July and August during his active flowering. When collecting cut the tip. Do this carefully so as not to damage the roots. It grows on burned areas, peat bogs, mixed and pine forests. He likes sandy soil with different moisture. It often occurs in dry forests, as well as on soils with a small concentration of lime.
After collecting the heather spread a thin layer and dried in the open air, but you need to see to it that the sun's rays do not fall on the plant. Another option - heather drying in a well-ventilated room. The dried plant is stored for about two years.
The infusion of heather
To prepare the infusion, take a large spoonful of dried plant and leave it in 400 ml of boiling water. Let stand up for about two hours, strain and take 1/3 cup every few hours. You can also hold the infusion of half an hour in a water bath, then cool and take also. To prepare the tea, which has a calming effect and helps with insomnia, take two small spoons grasses 200-300 ml of boiling water, boil for 10 minutes, strain and drink warm or hot.
Many legends written about the wonderful drink, which adds strength and strengthens the spirit - heather honey. Unfortunately, the classic recipe for a long time lost and forgotten. To prepare the drink with a modern twist, take two tablespoons of inflorescences heather, one spoon of inflorescences willow-herb, two spoons of honey. Pour all the ingredients in three mugs of boiling water and leave for a few days.
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