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Video recipes - what advantage

So what is the secret of the popularity of these recipes?
The amount of information. Multimedia presentation of information has a high capacity content. A few minutes of video can convey more information than a book. Speed ​​reading all kinds of people, but still listen to a recipe is much faster than reading alone.
Video recipes in their presentations provide a wealth of information, allow to fully demonstrate the particular action you want to perform, show in detail each step of the preparation.
Compact and portable. Of course, bring along a book or a piece of the recipe will not be difficult, but it is necessary to think in advance and in a situation of sudden impulse to create the next culinary masterpiece, you are doomed to failure. Pocket PC, Smartphone, tablet can help you quickly find the right recipe - just enough to have access to the World Wide Web. You can create your own cookbook on a flash drive, write down all the favorite recipes and carry. This magic wand would have come in handy in any force majeure.
Emotional appeal. Printed recipe for dry and austere, and unprofessionally written may contain errors and unclear descriptions of action. As a result, instead of, for example, the roll can get a salad. Video recipes demonstrate all the steps in the preparation of a particular dish. Visibility recipe to avoid possible errors in the preparation. Pleasant sound gives a good mood and gives positive emotions. Typically, master chef strongly encourages their fundamentals spectators and sets them on a positive result. It helps tips, tells, and in great detail what to do and how to best implement it.
Interactivity. Multimedia presentations can be controlled. If necessary to rewind the step in which you have finished, for example, when the cooking requires neskolkochasovoy exposure. Through interactive features, video recipes can focus on the key points.
Cost. Video recipes do not require a lot of space, do not gather dust on the shelves. If necessary, they can be compressed and archived. Your cookbook will contain only the necessary and interesting recipes of various dishes. When viewing on-line every recipe for no more than fifteen or twenty minutes, which allows you to quickly cook something delicious. Repeated use of the information does not cause damage: the recipe is always clear and complete, and its leader - cheerful and friendly.
But the main advantage of video recipes acts visibility of the process of preparation. It's hard to go wrong when you see with your own eyes. Noteworthy is the fact that the master chef tells a lot of useful information concerning the rules of preparation, purchase and storage of products, methods and combinations of variations, often covers the history of the appearance of a product.
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