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Types of tea and cooking technology

Tea - beverage made of dried and processed on the leaves of crops evergreen plants, which brewed beverage. There are a wide variety of grades and types of tea with different properties. Here you can buy a delicious Chinese tea.
Types and properties of tea
The black. It cleans the blood vessels of the body and improves blood circulation, a positive effect on the digestive system. It normalizes the general condition of the body.
• Green. Relieves fatigue, it helps to cope with the symptoms of cancer. A beneficial effect on the work of many internal organs.
• Oolong. It strengthens the body, helps metabolism. It makes the blood vessel walls stronger and prevents the appearance and development of tumors.
• Yellow. It reduces inflammation in respiratory diseases. Good effect on women's health. It soothes the nervous system.
• White. It combats the aging process. It has a tonic effect, help to strengthen the immune system.
• Blooming (linked). Encourages, strengthens the immune system, relieves colds. Combats digestive system diseases.
• Fruit. It contains a huge amount of vitamins, which are involved in maintaining health. It normalizes blood pressure.
• Herbal. It activates the heart, struggling with a headache. It improves metabolism and thyroid.
• Rooibos. It helps in case of poisoning, restores and stimulates digestive activity. It has antiseptic properties.
• Pu-Erh. It has a refreshing and invigorating effect, promotes normal digestive. It reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.
Technology of preparation
Generally, tea must be taken one per two teaspoons of 150 ml of water. If you brew a drink in the kettle, add another spoonful. Standard procedure tea is as follows: the leaves need to brew two or three minutes, if you want to drink has an invigorating effect. tea to be kept for about 5 minutes to improve digestion.
Much depends on the specific type of tea and the taste that you want. after the first time the drink will lose its taste - only one time in a single serving tea leaves brew cook. Chinese varieties, green tea and pu-erh can be cooked several times. For the best taste of green tea and oolong tea to brew hot water cool to 80 degrees. Herbal and floral teas should be infused to 10 minutes.
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