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What is fine dining?

The current consumption is reduced not only to the satisfaction of physical needs, because people acquire status things, not because they are needed. The presence of these things society demands and exchanges them for so-called "social currency", but the food is in a very ambiguous position. Even the presence of social evaluation can not turn the act of eating into something else, so it is the process of cooking food sometimes associated with the art, and the art becomes a way of demonstrating their social and cultural status. So what is this vague and abstract term "fine dining"? The basis for a fine dining mostly taken European and unless specifically - that the French gastronomic standards. Generally its birth haute cuisine owes kings and aristocrats, who just had to be different from all over the "mere mortals". But finally modern features fine dining found closer to the XIX century. Fine dining is based on several basic principles - excellent quality and freshness of the products used, exquisite presentation and absolute originality of the recipe. In fine dining unacceptable savings - tightness of the creator in the media is not compatible with the culinary arts. A kind of "core" is a gourmet chef. Focusing on this key link, to prepare and implement a marketing strategy, design, staffing, and even the philosophy of the whole institution. Being a chef in the spotlight and his work to the public makes a restaurant in a real theater, but an ordinary meal - in an exciting culinary show. That is why the work of gourmet restaurants as often involves the concept of "open kitchen", which allows the guest to feel part of the performance. Another point that defines fine dining, which was noticed by me - the very fact that such an event can not be spontaneous, which implies the uniqueness of the moment. Tables can be booked in advance, often - a few months before the visit, and the high cost determines the social and cultural status of the visitor. Patriotic culinary scene is not able to boast of a large number of true gourmet restaurants, and this is not surprising. The reason for this state of affairs is not only a lack of local expertise, but also a low level of culture in this area. Quite often, the term "fine dining" is used for marketing purposes, wishful thinking, exaggerating and distorting the facts. However, in these restaurants is that in fine dining is unacceptable - foods rich chemical additives, not the first freshness and naturalness, lack of unique dishes, buffets and impressive portions. The only thing that did not hesitate to borrow from such restaurants fine dining - fantastic prices.
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