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Delicious newspaper of the benefits of collaboration

The story of "Delicious Newspapers."
The first Issue of vkusnaya Gazeta was published on August 9, 2012 and is a publication of the International Chefs ' Alliance.
Official website –
Registered users - more than 2000 chefs and chefs.
Traffic per day – from 3000 to 7000 views.
Free download of all issues of the newspaper in electronic form.
The target audience is chefs, restaurateurs, cooks, cooks, and restaurant guests.
The print edition is 50,000 copies.
Distribution–free of charge. To restaurants and hotels in Kazan through suppliers and partners, as promoters in public places, through mailboxes, in city taxis, beauty salons, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, at the checkout of grocery stores.
Frequency – once every two months.
official page and VK group
official Instagram page
The newspaper's founder is Roman Trusov, President of the International Chefs ' Alliance. Author's website –
The newspaper consists of 8 pages. A3 format. color printing of all pages.
At the moment, the newspaper is published in electronic format.
Delicious newspaper - numbers.
Total number of downloads from - more than 18800
The participants of the VK group - more than 6,700
Members of the VK international Chef Alliance group - more than 11400
Followers of the group on Instagram - more than 16800
Instagram followers of the group - more than 18900
Total number of downloads from - more than 16,200
Covered Instagram accounts - more than 3100
Interaction with Instagram content - more than 12400
Posted posts about restaurants, event chefs on Instagram-more than 650
Target audience of the Delicious newspaper and the International Chef Alliance
International Chef Alliance.
Of the audience's age - 24 - 35
Male - 67%
Location - Moscow, Saint Petersburg.
Specialty: chefs, chefs - 80%
Delicious newspaper
Of the audience's age - 27 - 40
Women - 54%
Location - Moscow, Saint Petersburg
Specialty: chefs, cooks - 50%
To Express themselves on the pages of the newspaper Delicious.
Who is interested and profitable to cooperate with the publication? First of all, these are chefs. Any self-respecting professional should stay on the crest of the wave, they should be heard and remembered. And the instagram page should be updated daily with subscribers. Media content directly affects the level of wages. Even if the restaurant does not invest in its chef, he must do it himself, if of course he wants to be in the visibility zone. On the pages of A delicious newspaper, a whole strip is provided for this purpose.
Another Odra category is aimed at restaurants. Any restaurant wants more guests, get the maximum income and still be visible. We write reviews of both new and existing restaurants.
For food suppliers, there is a category "interesting product", as well as for organizers of exhibitions and culinary events. All new items are recorded in the news page.
Another category is designed for Sornikov.
Why is it profitable to advertise in a Delicious newspaper?
• The ratio of price and quality. In comparison with other publications, the price is significantly lower.
• The target audience is aimed at chefs and this is a financially secure category of citizens.
• Location Saint Petersburg and Moscow
• Large number of views and readability.
Price list for advertising on The pages of Roman Trusov's Delicious newspaper:
• Photo on the main page-10000r.
• 1 lane - 20000r.
• ½ Lanes - 12000r.
• ¼ Lane - 6000r.
• Ad block 30 × 60mm - 1000R.
• Lowercase information from 10 to 30 words - 200R.
• Post in instagram + VK - 5000r.
• ¼ Page + post in instagram + VK - 7000r.
• Free placement of up to 10 words on page 8 of the ad.
DISCOUNTS! In 2 rooms – 5%, in 3 – 10%, in 4 – 15%, in 5 or more rooms – 20%.
For all questions up again I +79062256597
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