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Delicious Recipes for the New Year 2017 from the boss with photos

New Year, as one of the most important holidays for the Russians, requires special training. "As the New Year meet, so spend it" - says the proverb, and all housewives and home of our vast homeland cast an impressive amount of resources on the preparation of the enormous amounts of treats. Herring under a fur coat, jelly, olives, exotic fruits - all this, of course, the eternal classic, but the original menu for the New Year could bring new, surprising notes of the holiday process. I have prepared for you a special New Year's menu in 2017, as well as a compilation of tips and recommendations - with this information you will be able to make this special night, the most magical and memorable.
I propose to make a New Year's menu in 2017 from the mind-blowing snacks, hot attractive, classic and original salads, as well as enchanting desserts. Let us consider each category separately - you can choose the suitable option from several proposed.
2017 New Year's menu: appetizers recipes
It is difficult to imagine a festive table, especially Christmas, without original and delicious in taste snacks. Table Talk with discussions of everything good that happened for the whole year will be doubly pleased when the whole process will be accompanied by the absorption of mouth-watering, but not too hearty and bulk foods. I offer a few snacks recipes for the new 2017 - you can choose what's right for you.
• Shrimp chips with vinaigrette and liver turkey - this snack to your taste, if you would not mind to surprise your guests in aesthetic terms, but are not ready to shock their culinary experiments. Stunning palatability here are paired with an amazing design.
• Cucumber ice with shrimp - a light meal with a truly dizzying idea. Ice made from cucumber juice and combined with hot seafood. The contrast of temperatures and flavors makes it a New Year's treat this target for gourmets.
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