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The case about the theft of a group in the restaurant

Working in one of the restaurants, I faced with the fact that the theft were involved more than half the staff. All organically they covered each other, including administrators. At that time, the automation system of the restaurant was not carried out, it was a complete chaos in the area of ​​accounting. Money left from the cash register, bribed Left and alcohol products were sold. Thus, the investor will lose more than 50% of revenue. This shortfall in the kitchen was not critical, it is either overlap or inciting the right number. Uncover and turn such a system has been difficult. Especially when all of "their" friends, relatives investor. In such cases, it does not help even a good restaurant automation system.
Theft at the restaurant that the chef to do?
My recommendations chiefs: first of all to have direct contact with the investor and solve their doubts with him. Since, expressing their grievances and suspicions manager or administrator, there is a risk of confusion in this league, and further negative towards you.
Be sure to lead its alternative program for automation of the restaurant. It is better to pay a few thousand per month for additional services, such as this, and to prevent the deduction from their staff and themselves, thereby keeping the situation under control. Being aware of residues is very important if you are the boss! This helps to avoid theft in the restaurant. If in the course of residues you cook - this is will not be in your favor, because the temptation to have them remove the excess will be great before the removal of food residue. And as they say the sages, the negative situation it is better to prevent than to correct.
You can also send a few times in the establishment of a secret guest and see how the system of the eye of the visitor.
In my story was a case of exposing the corrupt schemes. And most of the staff had to resign. The result was adjusted automation system in a restaurant and avoid impending bankruptcy. This is the value of the chef when its coming it goes uphill. Do not you friends?
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