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Harm and benefits of persimmon. All the advantages and disadvantages of autumn fruits

There comes a colorful autumn, and after it comes the cold winter with the snow-covered landscape, the New Year holidays, and the scent of pine needles. Seasonal summer fruits and berries disappear from the shelves, but it does not matter, because they are easily replaced persimmon - healthy and delicious at the same time the taste of the gift of nature.
But the popularity of this fruit is caused not only amazing taste - Persimmon impressive benefits and harms of excessive consumption tends to a minimum. Particularly good persimmons in that it retains the beneficial properties of any form - fresh, dried, and even after freezing.
How useful persimmon: compelling advantages
The benefits of persimmon is that it contains a huge range of useful for the human body elements and vitamins:
• Potassium is required for protein synthesis, maintain the water-salt balance and normal blood pressure;
• Magnesium - a special need for it test pregnant women;
• Vitamin C, A, P - elements that stimulate the immune system, strengthen blood vessels and is a preventive measure against cancer;
• Iodine - of course, does not compare with persimmon rich in iodine seaweed, but, nevertheless, this fruit in it too much. Iodine is necessary for proper thyroid function as well as it strengthens the immune system.
Thus, the persimmon - a real magic wand that can solve more than a dozen problems and become a rich source of nutrients. The positive effect of persimmon:
• As part of unripe persimmons usually contains tannin (also called tannic acid) - by the way, so this persimmon has a slight astringency. These substances produce a binding effect, exerting an active influence on the intestinal microflora. But if you do not have problems with digestion, you get rid of astringency is very simple - just freeze the fruit, and then give him a little thaw.
• In persimmon contains a large amount of iron, so that the fruit is recommended for people with anemia and low hemoglobin. For better absorption of this element are advised to eat a persimmon with foods rich in folic acid (vitamin B9, which is found in dark leafy greens, nuts, citrus, corn, pumpkin).
• Improved appetite and performance - another nice effect of persimmon.
• useful persimmon be heavy smokers, and - in its composition contains a huge amount of beta-carotene, which reduces the risk of lung cancer;
• Antioxidants contained in persimmon will slow down aging of the skin and prevent the appearance of early wrinkles.
• When the anti-edema persimmon is irreplaceable - it not only allows excess fluid to leave the body, but it makes up for the loss of potassium, accompanying this process.
Harm persimmon
Despite the impressive array of positive qualities, with indiscriminate and uncontrolled use of persimmon may not be so useful. Let us consider the main cases in which it is recommended not to get involved in persimmon:
1. Unripe fruit is strictly forbidden to have people who are constipated or have recently had surgery in the abdominal cavity. Also persimmon is contraindicated if there is to be a loss of muscle tone intestinal (atony).
2. In contrast, when a weak stomach contraindicated ripe fruit of persimmon, since they produce a laxative effect (especially when combined with milk).
3. Another example of apparent harm persimmon - with diabetes it should be treated carefully, because it contains a lot of sugar.
4. Also persimmon will do more harm than good for diseases of the urinary system and kidney disease in the acute stage.
5. reasonably attributable to the amount of consumption of persimmons during breast-feeding, as it is not necessary to feed the child this delicacy to three years - the probability of an allergic reaction.
Persimmon - a great example of inconsistency of the food and the fact that everything is good in moderation. This is what I wrote in the articles "The harm of salt" and "harm of sugar." If material has been useful to you - share your thoughts in the comments and send the link to friends so that they too knew what the benefits and harms of persimmon.
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